Thursday, September 03, 2009

Defeat The Oligarhy*

Aww, this is nice. President Hopey wants to talk to the kids. Now, as professional educational technicians ourselves, we have some concerns about his emerging policies, particularly the emphasis on charter schools--yeah, let's make education a for profit enterprise. It works so well for health care--but it's early yet, and unlike his predecessor we think the new president has the capability to actually learn and grow in office.

Additionally, we understand perfectly his value as a role model to all those back row hooligans so you can bet we'll all be in our places with bright shiny faces and that'll be the way we start out the day on September 8.

Of course, that's just our opinion. We could be wrong.
A planned speech by President Obama to students across the country has some parents planning a boycott.
Oh. OK, well admittedly we haven't looked at the text of the president's speech. Perhaps it's not appropriate for a captive audience of young people, you know, like Channel One or something. What is he going to talk about Mr. and Mrs. Parent?
The president will talk to students through a video link about the importance of staying in school. But some parents are accusing the White House of trying to force children to sign to its agenda.
Hey, you have a point Mr. and Mrs. Parent. After all, the more kids who stay in school the more end up in our class and the more papers we have to read. Down with teaching kids the value of education we say! Right Jim Greer?
Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer released a statement condemning President Obama’s use of taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate America’s children to his socialist agenda.
You know we never thought about it that way, but he's right. What can be more socialist than education? Everybody is supposed to get as much of it as they want and we all have to pay for it.

Save Our Democracy! Stay Stupid!

*Compliments of Professor Beck


Anonymous said...

It's amazing I still love Florida after half a century. What we put up with with ignorant hicks is unforgivable.
But what they do to our children should be punishable.

Anonymous said...

"Stay stupid" is why USA is going down the tubes.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

Its amazing isn't? The real reason that parents want to boycott that speech. Uh that would be because Obama isn't Anglo! I have a friend who teaches in the Southern U.S. has elementary school kids. You would not believe the number of times she has had to explain and discipline these kids for using the N-Word, or calling the Sitting POTUS a Porch Monkey. Just for starters.

I agree that there are serious things wrong with our public schools. And I homeschool as a result, but that being said. Public schools in most cases are good enough if the parent is willing to be an active participant in their child's lives through education and extra curricular activities.

The biggest problem is that whenever anyone tries to fix these schools, the Religious Reich starts trying to insert teacher lead prayer in school, get rid of sex education, and basically pollute our scientific texts {both hard and soft sciences} with religious claptrap while simulatenously holding book burnings outside our school and public libraries.

That essentially stalls any efforts at meaningful reform, because who wants to deal with a bunch of angry bible beating bullies who clog up every meeting the schoolboard has on this stuff.

After a while you either pull your kids out to homeschool or to send them to a private school, or you do your best to counter the forces of stupidity coming from every direction, which includes but is not limited to: Other children, their crazed parents, weird teachers and administrators, and of course well meaning beaureaucrats.

Its like watching 50 monkeys fuck one greasy football.

I laughed my ass off when Glenn Beck spelled Oligarh. Isn't that the tagline for Wimpie's last words, when Olive Oil Strangled his fat ass for never paying her back for all those wimpy burgers on Tuesday?

Anonymous said...

Let's face it. If you want "Republican " kind of teaching, you end up "Bushed".

Anonymous said...

That's why "Jenna" is on TeeVee...she got a nice "shampoo" effect.

Anonymous said...

Well, it won't wash out "the Chenies".

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are their own worst enemies.

Anonymous said...

Public schools in Florida are drenched in drugs.
Poverty breeds poverty, but you can't tell that to Republicans. Furthermore, the religious "right" cannot cover up the loads of meth, coming from everywhere, no matter how many times they try and spell "god".
It'll find you.
Private schools have more of "an interest" in keeping that out.

Anonymous said...

Seeing Eye Chick...we live in Florida and have for almost 30 years. Raising kids anywhere is a "trip" but in Florida, it's right out of Mississippi Burning.
Birthday Parties were synonymous with "is he coming"...(black) and of course it was "yes!" Well sorry, "Brad" won't be there.
We preferred it that way anyway.
Another scenario, just because it's almost Friday Hound Blogging, a "real" Baptist was first on our porch with a cake and a welcome note when we moved in......had the names of all the people on the street and at the very end, one name underlined:
"Jewish" but very nice.

Anonymous said...

Story of America...stay rich; don't share; don't read and don't travel.
That way, you can feel really good about yourself because you only have to compare yourself to you.
Hence: Rove, Beck, Rush, etc.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Mel Martinez in Florida? Why did he resign so suddenly?
Supposedly, it even caught Charlie Crist off guard.
Maybe Jim Greer knows.

Anonymous said...

I love it. "A brainwash"? I guess something like "Just Say No" and "No Condoms". Did we already mention STD has gone up like crazy since Bush and all his idiotic zealots took rule?
Let's not even whisper anything about "the homeless".
Republicans are probably the most "sinful" ever because they really do rule with bibles.(and blow you away when you turn your back)

scripto said...

Hands off my kids, Obama! They're staying stupid.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

WOW about the Mississippi Burning Comment and "Really Nice Jew" comment.

You know, I would love to blog about your story or if you have a blog and make an entry hey, send it my way! That is morbidly stupid.

I remember that I called some place once, I cannot even remember what, I think it was some kind of Chaplains Assoc or something or maybe it was the VA---years ago. And I remember asking them if they were Interfaith or Ecumenical. They replied they were Interfaith because "We Even Got some Jews."

I had to hit the mute button because I started cackling like a murder of crows. I mean what do you say to idiocy like that.

"Really? You done got some Jews? Where do you store them, these here Jews you be speakin of...?"

I didn't say that, but OMGz! sigh. We had a chance to move to florida, my old man and I both said Hell No to that. I have lived there before. I am sure you won't take offense to this, but there are some weird ass extremists down there. One of but many buckles in several scary ass bible belts.

I homeschool for several reasons. One of which, I am tired of fuctard crazies having a say in how to ruin public education, and when they don't get a say, using their kids to bully religious and racial minorities.

Anonymous said...

Oh ya...SEC...we could have a" parteeeeeeee!"
Some weird shit happening here too.(Texas)
Hope you gonna watch IM this p.m...nothin' worse than Texas-Alabama.