Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Hound Blogging

Say what you will about a democracy and the benefits of majority rule, voice of the people, needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and all that, the plain, hard, cold truth is that just because most people want something doesn't make it right. Just ask the overlords in Massachusetts.

Last year, voters overwhelmingly approved a ban on greyhound dog racing in Massachusetts, which is supposed to take effect the coming year. Opponents submitted a three inch high stack of veterinary reports on the 900 greyhound dogs they said have suffered injuries since 2002. But proponents of extending the deadline argued that was less than one percent of the thousands of dogs that raced in that time. "Shoot, if they don't win we off them before they even have a chance to get injured," said one track official who asked not to be named.

One veterinarian said accusations of cruelty to the animals was not true."I've dealt with greyhounds since 1982. I've never seen a case of cruelty or mistreatment. They're very well treated," said Dr. David Dunn. "Well, until we kill them for not running fast enough that is."

"Our priority should be to save every job in the commonwealth of Massachusetts that we can," said greyhound breeder Al Smith. "And by 'every job' I mean mine," he continued. "Do I look like I have what it takes to be successful at Walmart?"

While acknowledging the people's vote, some members of the committee expressed concern about timing and the economy. One legislator said this was about jobs, and the lack of jobs, and he wondered if Question 3 would pass if it were put before the voters in today's economic climate.

Darn straight. We're talking careers here. We're talking jobs with a bright future in the best of working conditions, right Ken Miller?

As the sun set in the distance, bathing the grungy track in a warm glow, Kenneth Miller coolly sized up the first batch of greyhounds from a creaky lawn chair. Around him, fellow regulars paced and puffed, tossing cigarette butts amid the litter of losing tickets on the cracked asphalt. Some were middle-aged fathers who had promised to stay away, others widowers with nowhere else to go. A weathered Vietnam vet in a wheelchair pumped $30 into a lottery vending machine. An elderly woman in a sari used a magnifying glass to watch a simulcast race on a TV monitor.

See? It's like Disneyland has come to Massachusetts. What better place to grow jobs in today's economic climate, right Shawn McLain?

Self-described professional gambler Shawn McLain remembered the atmosphere at the track more than three decades ago, when he first visited. "This whole clubhouse was full," said McLain, who bets exclusively on greyhound races -- both live in Mobile and simulcast on TV from Florida. "It was just the place to be."

"Was"? What do you mean "was" Shawn? Just look out over the track now. What do you see?

Just a third of the clubhouse appeared to be open to the public -- the rest was darkened and closed off. Downstairs at the grandstand, a small crowd gathered around televisions, and crumpled losing tickets blanketed the floor. Nearly every seat was vacant.

Oh. Well, yeah, so times are a little tough right now, we're sure there's a brighter future just around the corner, right Phil Ruffin?

"Our company is sincerely committed in retaining its licenses for the Wichita Greyhound Park and Camptown Greyhound Park," Ruffin said.

Boo Yah! Now That's what we're talking about! Let's get some greyhound racing up in this bad boy! What do you need Phil? Bigger kennels to hold all the dogs you'll use? More workers for the betting windows? Bigger parking lot?

Reopening would depend on two things, Ruffin said in a letter to the commission: State lawmakers would have to amend the expanded gambling law to allow tracks to keep more of the revenue from slot machines. And voters in Sedgwick County would have to approve slots for the Wichita park.

Yeah, baby! It's on now! Somebody tell the breeders. We're going to need more dogs. We're going to...wait, what?

Other racetracks closed because owners believed the state's expanded gambling law gives the state too much of the slots revenue for them stay in business. "Slots are where the rubes are," Ruffin said. "The last thing we need at the greyhound tracks is greyhound racing."

Hey, come on Phil. Greyhound racing is a money machine. People are dying to see more greyhound racing. It's international in it's appeal, right Philippine House Representative Eleandro Jesus Madrona?

The House of Representatives has agreed to hold in abeyance its approval of a second franchise for greyhound dog racing after animal protection groups prevailed upon the Senate to defer action on the first franchise.

Crap. Is there anybody out there who wants to see greyhounds exploited anymore Andy?

Andy is happy and likes to play with toys. He is friendly and affectionate around people he knows. He is a little shy around new people. He loves to collect toys, blankets, and the other dog beds, taking them all to the main dog bed. He is young, playful and comical. He loves to rub his whole body around the foster family’s bed and on people like a cat. Andy would do well in working family home with well-mannered children, 6 and up. He is good with other dogs of all sizes and would probably be good with another dog in the home to play with or with an active family that will play with him regularly. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.


Anonymous said...

Like the way you pulled a lot of info together.
On the other hand, it all has the same themes.

Poverty. Poverty. Poverty.
Stupidity. Stupidity. Stupidity.
Cruelty. Cruelty Cruelty.
Corruption. Corruption. Corruption.

Anonymous said...

But of course, all the veterinarians know about the cruelty in the Greyhound racing "Industry". So, David Dunn, what's in it for you?
And how many Greyhounds have you killed because they would never be a "winner" again, and hence, pay for your mortgage?

Anonymous said...

Look at all of these vets associated with greyhound racing! You guys would be candidates for the torturing of the Jews, Catholics , Gypsies and Handicapped while working with Nazis.
And of course, you are "all proud".
Guess what? Your stories are "old" and so is the "script".
(Unless, of course, Hollywood picks this up. In which case, we really, really, want :

Glen Close -Gayle Manchin
Mike Douglas-Jack Swint
Matt Damon-Earl Ray Jr.
Uma Thurman-Mareena Riggins
Philip Seymour Hoffman- John Parker
Al Pacino- Ironicus Maximus
Brigitte Fonda-Writer # 1
Deniro- Writer # 2
Ted Danson- Writer #3
That "Dexter" Guy- Writer #4

Greyhound Rescuers all have their favorites, as do the "Thinkers" , "Moralists" , "Priests" and "Lawyers".

Rest of Cast...
To be decided as story progresses.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Never say just "that Dexter guy"!
That is Michael C. Hall!
That is going to be quite a turn for him to do the "writing" as opposed to the "knives and tarps", but he'll be A-1!
He's a cutie! (and "his pen" will be such a sword!)

greygarious said...

Dr. Dunn's North Shore Animal Hospital is in Lynn, MA, not far from the bow-wow-schwitz-looking kennel compound that houses the "units" that race at Wonderland Greyhound Park. Aptly named, if by "Wonderland" you mean ugly and crumpling, and "park" you mean weeds fertilized by cracked concrete. "Wonder" how many boxes of euthanasia solution the UPS driver delivers to his place every month?
Sadly, I suspect the MA legislature will approve the tracks' request for a 2-year "delay" in closing. They have a history of voiding victorious ballot questions when it suits their political concerns and wallets.

Anonymous said...

"Dr. Dunn" sounds like "Dr. Gloom" to me.
Furthermore, I just looked up a pix of Mr. Pisser also known as Pizzi and lo' and behold he is the "dead ringer" and I do mean exactly that, of Capone from those good old Chicago years. Has everybody missed that ? How can that be!
So, when we talk of themes, the entire production for me seems to be:
1. Greed
2. Corruption
3. Politicians
4. Cruelty
A lot of people are stupid but not cruel. A lot of people are poor but not greedy. Nope. These folks are a true pox on society as they are guided like a deadly missile into the breeding pens of the extremely gentle canine, the Greyhound and they are directed by either the mob , politicians, or both.
We all hope that you jerks still hanging onto your "12 leashes" and "unemployment gigs" are very prepared for an ultimate "blast-off" into the media frenzy as we know most of you do not read, but the masses do.
See you in the newspapers, and not for the mistresses or Donations to the Arts.
This will put you behind bars for all your cruelties to all animals at purely your financial gain. (and need we say, your sickening wives included)

Anonymous said...

There is no reason in HELL for the permission of the 2 year delay unless people are being PAID illegally to do this. In which case, that is IT! We have all HAD it with POLITICIANS!
You are as much the GANGSTER as the VETS with all their needles and the Kennels with their Killing Fields.
Just because Earl Ray TOMBLIN got away with it for decades, isolation, greed and gutlessness prevailed. MA legislature has to be made of more brains and guts than THAT! Otherwise, all of you GO to West Virginia and have your obscene parties around the WHIRLIGIGS and dip your appetizers in Greyhound blood. And don't forget to let your kiddies watch baby pigs , rabbits and kittens get ripped to death. There is no word to describe the filth you all represent.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me.
Mike Vick just got out of jail.
When a gorgeous looking black guy who was adored for his athletic skills not to mention all the advertisements and cash associated with his talents and looks , got thrown into the slammer and had to clean toilets for 2 years, what do you think is going to happen with all these useless, ugly people who just had their hands out and shovels ready?
You think you guys are going to be liked in prison?
Think again. I know "Chris Carpenter " thought about it as he threw himself into the ring to say he is not a racist. (good move, Chrissy boy...that's a couple hundred men who will, hopefully, remember that)
But the fools who think it is "normal" to torture and terminate a broken legged dog because it "ain't what it used to be", a big surprise for you fellas in the pen.
Regarding the wives, their "torture" will be all the legal fees and you will probably wish you hadn't survived after all the retribution and condemnation.
We are all so ready for you to come tumbling, tumbling down.

Anonymous said...

We are all waiting for the Judges in agreement with the Mike Vick verdict to nail all these sick sadists for our children's sakes.
Our society is dependent on courage and morals and protection and if the laws do not uphold these basics, kiss healthy minds and souls good-bye. It is the start of the breaking down of America which evolves into the deep dive and crash of a world openly married to drugs, guns , prostitution, addictions and rapes that destroy the very foundations of our simple and pure existence.
If the Law does not banish this extremely violent and barbaric "sport", everyone will forever question what the Law got in return to be swayed into absolute inaction.
What is worse, it may then be too late to stop it and make the ultimate difference when you once had the chance.

Anonymous said...

Many of us are so looking forward to Jack Swint and Sam Webber's stories on the VETERINARIANS GUILTY IN GREYHOUND RACING INDUSTRY.
Dr. Dunn is just ONE. There are HUNDREDS of VETERINARIANS bowing to every "need" of the Racetracks to fill their pockets.
Imagine! Such kindly "doctors of animals" killing anything they can get.
We are going to expose as many of you as we possibly can.
And you know we most definitely will.

Just a reminder.
You are all able to connect with Christine Dorchak or Susan Netboy at any time. The "movie" has not been made , yet.

Anonymous said...

Hell with that! What about all the dead dogs they've created so they could go on vacation in Colorado!
Expose all their fouls and all their abuses. Their free ride is gone!

Anonymous said...

I think we should be calling David Dunn really
Can you believe he has been KILLING GREYHOUNDS for almost THIRTY YEARS!
So, we will just have to put a "score board" by Earl Ray Tomblin and David DONE to see who knocked off more Greyhound LOSERS.
I know everybody is betting on Earl Ray TOMBLIN just because he is the meal ticket for "Bee Hive Mama" but you know, Veterinarians can be as greedy as Doctors, too. And oh so COLD.

Anonymous said...

Dr. David Dunn most certainly deserves his own special "tribute".

It shall be called:
"Dr. Dunn....Am I Done?"

(and not to give the song away, but sadly, one might guess that yes, quite unfortunately, you indeed are)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I say Michael C. Hall shoud be the actor for CHRIS CARPENTER!
You know, Dexter has no feelings when he gloves up for a "bad guy" . Isn't that the same with Chris Carpenter? You know, they don't "get adopted" .... it's a "bad guy".

Anonymous said...




Dr. Dunn.....Am I Done?

Dr. Dunn,... am I done?
Am I of no service anymore?
I really tried to win.
Guess I no longer make them roar.

Dr. Dunn what comes next?
Do you just open up your bag?
I still could use some tender love.
Can't you hear my sad tail wag?

Can you just give me another week?
That's all I need to recoup.
I could be well for one more race.
I'll try not to be an "OOP".

I guess you're too busy to really care,
To hear my heart and weeping eyes.
I really tried my hardest,
Even though I was no prize.

Dr. Dunn, I done?
Am I of no service anymore?
I really tried to win.
Guess I no longer make them roar.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would like somebody to look into


What is HIS background?

What makes a "man" like this and what is in HIS past?

And what , if any, "troubles" has he had?

Anonymous said...

Amazing how "quiet " JOHN PARKER-ALABAMA TEXAS, can be?
How did he learn that so suddenly?
Or maybe someone on the "higher ups" (like from Texas) just told him to :
It's in "the Bible you moron".

Anonymous said...

What about Michael Mooney?
It was his story about "Jailamony" that got this whole thing really started!
Let's give him an actor, too.
How about a "reflective" Jack Black?
Michael has humor when need be and Jack Black, if he can restrain himself and be "reporting", might be kind of nice.
They have the same kind of "thrill" for life.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention Michelle Weaver!
The two of them , Michael Mooney and Michelle Weaver, were both fair and open and appealed to the reader to make their own conclusions.
For Michelle Weaver, she has to have an actress depicting her as well. It's only balanced .
So, I say, Kathy Bates!
I know she is best known for "Misery" but she can play a warm and loving woman , too. She has what Michelle has.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I like that.
Can you imagine the number of Rescuers for Greyhounds, alone, who will be at the movies to witness this?

Anonymous said...

This would be such an inspiration. Imagine. Such a diverse yet integrated population, standing up against the corrupt and powerful "elite" .
Never, ever, underestimate the power of "love".
The Greyhounds have shown us all "the way".

Anonymous said...

So, in other words we have our "Universal" type of "Religion".
We have the obvious "Love" of life and all its beauty which gives us all a sense of "belonging" and to one another as well. In this case, it is the sweetness of the Greyhounds, themselves ,that offer up their ultimate sacrifice to mankind, to try and make human lives more comfortable and less harsh. And we, in return, wish to end their enslavement because they, above all canines, have been martyred for the gluttons and perverse, who continually, and without conscience, enforced, and with guns, and drugs and violence, attempted to maintain "control" over this monopoly of "dog factories".
Then , we also have the "Faith" that keeps us alert and fused and strong. All these Rescuers have been the salvation of so many wretched Greyhounds, diseased, broken or dumped and left to die.
Susan Netboy immediately comes to mind, but there have been hundreds so devoted to their care and placement into new homes and lives. They didn't have to go to Guam to find them in ditches or to be homeless. The desserts were easily targeted as dumping grounds as were the laboratories and all too often, massive pits like in Alabama.
Finally, the "Hope". The "Hope" that those who have killed and mercilessly executed and destroyed millions of these gorgeous dogs, and for decades, will , at long last, understand that there are just too many of us for them to continue to succeed at criminal activities.
And we will fight them. And fight them. And fight them.
Unlike the Greyhounds, we will bare our teeth and we are all prepared to bankrupt them in anyway we possibly can because that is precisely what they have tried to do to our Society. Without a thought; without a pang of guilt; without anything whatsoever.
Faith. Hope . Love.
We are ready.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if "the South" can digest that.
"The North" already got a mouthful.

Anonymous said...

As if the "word" of " Dr." Dunn actually means anything!
Dunn is nothing more than a "drug pusher" , literally, shooting death sentences into dogs that don't put enough into his pocket (and FAST!) at the tracks.
We are all hoping that someone will visit his "clinic" and get " a prize" exposing this most revolting excuse for a "veterinarian" if there ever was one.
As for the tracks, and Pizzi, you bums are going "pfst"!

Anonymous said...

Well. Michael Jackson is dead for a reason.
Same with all these dogs.
There is a huge amount of "professionals" on the take and not at all out to "help" the "patient".
No soul. No heart. No nothin'.
Jail - time.
Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, Judy Garland, the lists are endless and no longer captivating. The common factor are "doctors" on the take.
I would like to know how long it is before you vets feel absolutely nothing when you know you are going to deliberately kill a healthy Greyhound?
For "veterinarians" not to care when they shove the needle into the perfectly well Greyhounds' veins does it take a month? A year? Or are you all just made for it? Steady hands just "blasting away"?
Are there never , ever regrets?
I see.
I am being "emotional".
It's "a gift".
It's a " talent".
You really do have to be "somebody" for this kind of "business".
Isn't that right, Marena Riggins?
The rich, bitch distancing herself from the "whirligig".
And also Dr. Dunn.

Anonymous said...

It's "interesting" that Marena and Bob Riggins have been in the Greyhound "Industry" for more than 35 years.
Supposedly, they have 20 brood bitches which means a hell of a lot of puppies.
Since we are talking Marena, and all her excess of "puppy mill" canines to be thrown into a "ring" of live baiting, I would like to know how many she has personally drowned because she could not be bothered to pay vet bills for a "loser" not to mention, giving them kibble or shots.
Hey Marena! You are garbage just like John Parker! You pretend to be something which you are absolutely not.
The clue to you is the word"cattle".
I can smell you from here.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how much Marena pays in taxes.
She has a "very big business" and seems to be really pouring out the puppies for the Racetracks.

Anonymous said...

Don't you remember? Someone said that they feed dead dogs or dying dogs to the Greyhounds.
You just cannot make this shit up. It is in their DNA.
You ugly, ugly, excuses of humanity who have not one tinge of respect for anything sacred. To label yourselves as :
It is far beyond shock value. It is just sheer non-stop crime.

Anonymous said...

Marena Riggins , who has homes in both Kansas and West Virginia, is somebody who is quite a "businesswoman " with all her "networking" and "production of puppies". (not to mention, the use of live-baiting)
We understand that you race your "Greyhounds" practically everywhere possible in USA and so perhaps you can account for all your earnings at every possible location you do make money from at those various racetracks?
Would you kindly tell us what your real income is per year and how much it has escalated since more than thirty years ago? And could you also specify the various behavioral changes in "your puppies" before they are starved and taunted with live rabbits and cats and shoats and after? How much faster does it make them run when they haven't eaten for a day or two knowing a live , baby pig is just a stick and a bag away ?
Thank you , in advance, for educating so many of us who never even thought about using our pet Greyhounds as a vehicle to get two homes, cars and tons of cash in the bank.

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for the number of Greyhound puppies Marena Riggins has drowned because she could not toss them onto an adopter when she realized they would not be a "winning ticket" .
I would also like to see that supposed bill from a veterinarian who took care of one specific puppy that you eventually asked an adopter to come right away and pick up.
It was sick. You can't take care of your own sick puppies? You breed them non-stop. If you can't take of your own puppies, what makes you think you should be able to breed more and more?
I know. You have hundreds of puppies and have produced THOUSANDS of puppies that have , no doubt, ended up dead, dumped or executed because of the Greyhound Racetracks.
But I, and millions like me, want to know what trauma have YOU had in your childhood to make YOU who you are?
And do you feel ashamed?
Or just annoyed?
Because we are going to continue to look into you, Marena Riggins. And like those starving, crazed Greyhounds, you systematically destroy for life, we are not going to let you go. You see, you represent
"our sack". And with all the evidence and all the information now being received, our hunger for truth makes us very ,very focused. We may not be fast but we are smart. And we will not break our legs and spines doing this. We will leap over fences and into dark, horrid corners of earth, to find exactly what we need to put you away and those like you who have no conscience and cause harm to our societies due to crimes against animals and hence, a very bad threat to healthy people.
And the simple answer of how many puppies you have drowned, is?

Anonymous said...

Let's see what happens this Friday.
How much more will be discovered and exposed, it is "in the cards".