Monday, February 19, 2007

Sherman Williams Supports Terrorists

Forget this taking criminals and high school drop outs, we need to sign us up some of the home boys that are into tagging.

A commander in Iran's Revolutionary Guards said Wednesday that a commando unit has engraved the military organization's emblem into the side panel of an American warship stationed in the Persian Gulf. "Yeah, man, those dawgs in the navy, they're all like, 'don't come by here homey', and we're all like Dude, what's that over there? It's Osama bin Laden! Go look!" said the commander explaining how the operation was carried out.

Nur Ali Shushkari, the head of the Revolutionary Guards ground forces, told Iranian pro-government news agencies that the symbol was etched onto the ship by the crew of a submarine that had managed to reach the U.S. vessel without detection by radar. "See, we like wrapped our sub in this foamy stuff that Ibrahim got at the Home Depot. The Americans thought we were just some guys on an inner tube that had floated away from the beach."

Shushkari warned the United States that if a confrontation arises, all American forces in the gulf as well as targets inside the U.S. itself would be targets for attack. "There won't be a bare space anywhere in the world safe from us," he said.

Despite this, U.S. President George Bush has insisted that the American army has no plans to invade Iran. "If we capture the people who did this, they will have to clean it off, however," a white house spokesperson told reporters.

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