Monday, February 05, 2007

And Now, Our Resident Expert...

You know, it's a complicated world. And in a complicated world you need to be able to rely on clear headed analysis from trusted, experienced sources. Which is why we're going to sleep well tonight after having read the Reuter's article with the headline Attacking Iran Would Be A Disaster.

Ya Think?

Among the unintended consequences of an attack on Iran, the report said, would be to bolster the position of hardliners in Iran. It could also inspire terrorist attacks in Western countries.

Wow. These guys are good.

Military action against Iran would have disastrous consequences, according to a report released on Monday by a coalition of British-based think-tanks, faith groups and others who urge a new diplomatic push to avert conflict. "Well, what with American Idol coming back on, we were afraid the Yanks might be distracted, so we thought we'd give it a go ourselves," said a spokesperson for one of the groups issuing the report.

The joint report by 17 organizations, including the Foreign Policy Center, Oxfam and the Muslim Council of Britain, Green Peace, the NFL and Wendy's, Inc. said an attack on Iran would, strengthen Iran's atomic ambitions, severely undermine hopes for stability in Iraq and damage global economic growth through higher oil prices. "The Iranians are using what we call it the North Korea strategy," said a spokesperson. "The idea is to try and out crazy Bush. It's a dangerous gambit."

"Our message today is simple," said Alex Bingham, Iran analyst at the Foreign Policy Center. "Despite the belligerence, despite the tension, despite Bush and Cheney, there is still time to talk to Iran."

The report received support from Sir Richard Dalton, Britain's ambassador to Tehran from 2002 to 2006, who said negotiation offered the best chance of ensuring Iran did not develop nuclear arms."We're not in the position of facing a clear and imminent threat now, which is what worries us because this is where we were with Iraq before Bush went in and accomplished his mission."

"The Iranians are extremely difficult to negotiate with ... but it should be possible to put an offer to them which they find very difficult to refuse," said White House Middle East Advisor, Tony Soprano.

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