Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And When I Come To Crawford, He Lets Me Drive The Pickup Truck

Ah, come on. Why is everyone so upset over Australian Prime Minister John Howard's attack on the democrats. Well, mostly Barack Obama, but, hey, you smear one democrat, you smeared them all.

But back to the point: Why does anyone care what this guy says. Let's get real here. He's Australian. Have you seen the size of those guys' beer cans? The whole country has to be wasted most of the time.

So Sullivan said the terrorists were praying for Obama to win. Is that any wonder after they learned from our main stream media that his middle name is Hussein, he dresses like the president of Iran and he went to a radical islamocommiefascistninjashadowwarrior school? If you were a terrorist, wouldn't you pray for a fellow like that too?

Mr Howard, a steadfast supporter of President George W. Bush in the Iraq war, insisted that his criticism of Mr Obama's plan to withdraw US combat troops in Iraq by March 31 next year wasn't in Australia's national interest because it would represent a defeat for Australia's most important military ally. "Look, the terrorists are brown and Obama's brown. These people don't fight their own, that's all I'm saying," Howard told reporters.

When reporters pointed out that the bulk of the violence in Iraq now was between Shi'a and Sunni, Howard responded that he wasn't aware the Chinese had become involved in the region.

Mr Howard''s foray into US politics dominated the day's session of parliament and news bulletins in Australia. It also triggered a sharp response from Mr Obama and senators on both sides of US politics, including one who called the comments "bizarre".

"Bizarre? I'm bizarre?" Howard asked. "You got a country that's more interested in a dead actress than a real war, where a non story about how the Speaker of the House didn't ask for an air force plane to get home is front page news, and a leading presidential candidate who thinks the earth is only 6000 years old, and I'm the bizarre one? How big are their beer cans?"

The risk for Howard is that his inflammatory remarks will reinforce perceptions that he's placing a close personal relationship with Bush ahead of the broader national interest. "We've planted trees together," Howard said by way of explanation. "That creates a very special bond between men. Sort of like combat."

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