Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's A Litte Different When The Quail Shoot Back, Huh Mr. Cheney?

Well, it looks like vice president Delusional McFantasypants is having a harder and harder time keeping his bubble world intact.

A suicide bomber blew himself up this morning outside the main gate of the United States military base at Bagram while the vice president was inside. Mr. Cheney was moved “for a brief period of time” to a bomb shelter at the base where he was able to change his underwear, but then returned to his traveling casket.

Mr. Cheney made an unscheduled overnight stay at the Bagram airbase, located north of Kabul, after his 18-minute flight to the capital was grounded...

Whoa, whoa whoa. Just a minute. Are you telling us that the second most protected man on the planet made an unscheduled stop on an unpublicized trip and the bad guys still knew where he was? Is that what you're telling us Mr. Secret Service protector person?

Mr. Cheney’s trip to several nations in the region had been shrouded in unusual secrecy. News organizations that were aware of Mr. Cheney’s travels were asked to withhold any mention of the trip until he had left Pakistan. This appeared to reflect growing concern about the strength of Al Qaeda and Taliban forces in the region, and continuing questions about the loyalties of the Pakistani intelligence services.

Would that be the same Pakistan that Bush said was steadfast in the war on terror?

We thought so.

So, Bush and Cheney, they're still getting along OK, right? Just asking.

Qari Yousef Ahmadi, who claimed to be a Taliban spokesman, told the Associated Press: “We knew that Dick Cheney would be staying inside the base. Heck, we can tell you what the president had for lunch yesterday.”

OK, someone's not getting a merit bonus this year.

Speaking to reporters who are traveling with him, Mr. Cheney said he was in his quarters at the airbase when the explosion took place. “I heard a loud boom,” he said, according to a pool report. “The Secret Service came in and told me there had been an attack on the main gate. I asked them if they were willing to die for me and they responded 'not for this salary' so I initiated the sequence for a nuclear first strike, but it turns out the attack just killed and injured some other people."

Asked by reporters about his reaction to the Taliban claim of responsibility for the attack, Mr. Cheney said: “Striking at Bagram with a suicide bomber, I suppose, is kind of scary, but it shouldn’t affect our behavior at all. I have plenty of underwear. And besides, I'm outta here tonight.”

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