Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Deaton for Senate! Motto: Let Parents In Washington Worry About Him

Frequent reader(s) of this blog accept the inevitability of regret and disappointment, as did their mean  know that we here in the marbled halls are not what you might call multi-taskers, especially when it come to blogging and drinking. Which is why we are so impressed with this guy.
Eric W. Deaton, a Constitution Party candidate for U.S. Senate, was indicted Tuesday, Aug. 31, for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.  A poster pictured on his website says he supports fiscal responsibility, balanced and centered government, honoring founding principles. The poster also says, “Return moral citizens to office.”
Candidate for the Senate, Cub Scout Pack leader, Elder in his church, "moral citizen" and pedophile all at once. Man. And we can't even type and sip our adult beverage at the same time. Some folks just got it going on, you know?
His website lists endorsements from Liberty Candidates, Mansfield Tea Party and Akron Tea Party, along with a national group called Vote Family Values.
Now, since a group like Vote Family Values has endorsed Mr. Deaton we can only assume this "unlawful sexual conduct with a minor" charge is some sort of misunderstanding. Perhaps Mr. Deaton was just instructing the aforementioned minor in family values, James Dobson style. Also, the Tea Party in like the minors for the Republican party, so we're figuring this guy has to be the next Max St. Pierre or something.
“I think this is politically motivated,” said Deaton, blaming the indictment on his decision to run for political office.
Yeah, well that's a thought. Perhaps the alleged victim was really a member of Minors for Democrats or something.
Deaton, 42, of New Lebanon is to be arraigned Sept. 14 in county common pleas court on the third-degree felony count.
Umm...yeah, there is that whole possible jail time thing, but hey, adding inmate to your job duties shouldn't be too hard for someone with your  organizational skills, right?
A campaign spokesperson said Deaton is still running for Senate.
Good for you Mr. Deaton. After all, someone has to carry on the work of people like Mark Foley.


Anonymous said...

Vote Family Values?
Like Crist, Foley and Tomblin, not to mention Joe Manchin.
Put it all on celluloid.
Only way " to go".

Anonymous said...

All this garbage of "Family Values" when dummies like Bristol Palin even sees through it.
Come ON!
All the WORLD is gay, not just the GOP, so lighten up far right Christians!
Fox News, Aug. 7,2010, polled 71% Anti-Gay marriage, (Prop 8) as unconstitutional.
We all know what THAT means.
Every famaily in USA has a gay member out of the closet.
And thank God.
"The List" that was published in 2004 on CBS "The Public Eye" names a bundle and from all ranks in Washington.
Not only are there massive amounts of gays that are in Politics, but they are thousands as editors, journalists, newspapermen, etc.Not to mention, staffers.
It is everywhere, of COURSE!
The real hypocrisy are the big , commercial buffoons, like Charlie Crist and Mary Cheney.
They get PAID to get all the right wing RE-ELECTED.
They never cared for basic rights of gays and both have whored their way to wealth and the top denying homosexuals and lesbians equality.

Anonymous said...

"Family Values"?
That like the Pancake House with lots of whipped cream and cherries?
Maybe like Laura Bush and "virgin rings" and George Bush for "no condoms".
(and just watch all those single teenage pregnancies soar not to mention STD fly right off the map)
Those pesky Republicans.
They put USA back thrity years and not only in education and science!
(some say they caused the Depression)
And now "Family Values" are turning "all white " on us.
Let's face it. You can only gasp your last breath before these manic gunning GOP pull their "God - given right" and kill you.