Thursday, September 30, 2010

Next Time Just Pull Her Hair And Run Away

We had a student like James O'Keefe once. He was mostly a harmless kid, just had to say this politely...over-inflated opinion of his own intelligence. Generally he would say something stupid in class, usually mouthing some talking point he'd picked up somewhere--generally without really understanding what it meant, then the sharper kids in the class would cut him a new one and life would go on. Eventually he learned that the other students weren't going to take what he said at face value the way he did when he'd read whatever it was if was pontificating about, so he resorted to what he felt was a knowing smirk and exasperated laugh when the debate went past his rather meager abilities to participate. Sort of reminded us of Tucker Carlson.

The problem with the real James O'Keefe is he got lucky. If his piece of fiction on ACORN hadn't been injected into a cultural climate where the media can't tell a real story from a bowl of oatmeal--and doesn't really care anyway as long as it's something that isn't complicated, and Congress is desperately looking for anything to do except their jobs, little Jimmy would have faded into early, lasting and well deserved obscurity.

But like we said, Jimmy got lucky and he was suddenly a made man. This type of encouragement is
disastrous for a person of limited intellectual capabilities as was shown in the Landrieu incident, and now in his attempt to embarrass CNN by boinking Abbie Boudreau.

Yeah. We don't get it either. The only thing we can figure is Jimmy wasn't doing too well on the singles scene and thought this might be a cool way to meet girls, plus get a tax write off. We agree with Jesse that it does sort of make sense from a 13 year old,  momma's baby, pencil necked geek sort of perspective, we mean look at the boy:

In high school he might as well have been wearing a sign that said "Please give me a wedgie." What we can't figure out is why it never occurred to him that a tee vee reporter lady, coming to interview him about a tee vee show her tee vee station was doing wouldn't bring a crew along with her to, you know, tape the thing for the tee vee. Think it though next time Jimmy, OK?

So now you're thinking "Wait a minute Ironicus, first this guy's claim to fame turns out to be bogus, then he almost gets himself sent to prison, now it turns out he's a perv. There isn't going to be a next time."

Oh yes, credulous reader(s), yes there will.


YogaforCynics said...

I might have been thinking that before Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, etc....

Pearl said...

I am oddly repulsed and amused...


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