Wednesday, July 01, 2009

There Is A Thin Line Between Genius And Insanity. I Have Erased This Line

You know, it's one thing to be crazy. Being crazy is a great American pastime. Heck, if you think about it, the Founding Fathers had to be a little off plumb when they thought they could go up against the British, who were the world's superpower at the time. OK, so the country was started by dudes who weren't quite squared away vis-a-vis deciding in whose face to kick sand. Things turned out pretty well, thinks us, and the flagrantly weird have been a major thread in this rich tapestry ever since.

However, there's crazy weird, off kilter, kind of lovable old cranks and crackpots, and there's evil crazy.

Michael Scheuer is evil crazy. Check it:

Allow us to reproduce that quote in case you didn't catch it: "The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States."

Michael Scheuer said that. Michael Scheuer who used to work for the CIA ostensibly defending this country against the very thing he is now hoping will happen.

OK, now to be fair we have to point out that he said this on crazy Glenn Beck's show. Yes, this Glenn Beck. You have to know the crazy is so thick in that studio it seeps into your very bones and causes you to say things you may not mean.

But still.

"The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States."

Michael Scheuer said that. On tee vee in front of god and everybody.

Can you be that crazy and still dress yourself in the morning?


Anonymous said...

We are a country brimming with Michael Jackson's. Everyone wants to sell themselves be it with spider bites, sparkling gloves or by moon - walking.
In this case, the guy is so gone on himself, reality, for him, is feeding his ego at no matter whose cost. Unfortunately, it's at the expense of American people. Like Bush, he has no clue of the power of the sword. And the sadness is, they'll blame it all on Democracy, when it was really 100% , self-hatred, and possibly, drugs.

skyewriter said...

Holy. shyte.

Grass roots? Isn't that what happened with the Obama campaign last year? The GOP has their asses firmly rooted and invested in keeping America and Americans scared and stupid and sick and broke.

Just when I think the loonies on Fox can't get any loonier... they always prove me wrong on that one.

Anonymous said...

Arizona has just approved a bill that allows guns in bars.
How crazy is that!
The Republicans have always been form the "Wild West".
It's called "mad cow".

Anonymous said...

When Purdum actually questions the mental state of Palin and says he thinks she had "post-partum depression" after the birth of Trig, how looney is looney?
Of course Palin is out of her mind and it didn't take a baby to get her there.
She still sees Russia out her back door.
(unfortunately, she couldn't see her daughter getting bonked and the guy was living in her "Christian" underwear.)

Anonymous said...

So many Republican males are lost and horny. They stumble out of the bush and go after children, men, and goofy teens all in the name of "Christ".
Romney may be the only "God-loving" male to pull it off. Of course, he'll have to explain the KKK, subservient women and dogs on car roofs, etc. but hey!...that's a cinch compared to all the others.

Anonymous said...

I think the "heart of republicans" is in the south. They are the only ones reciting the Bible in order to get the cash and power and positioning. Most democrats speak of cures, and education and health care not to mention, ending wars and working with people.
We have seen all of it on your Friday Hound Blogging of June 12.
Mini minds speak volumes.
And because of it, churches are shutting down.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

Skye, you know he meant the grass[roots] that he doesnt want to mow down.

If Osama detonates anything, I hope that somehow it involves being on top of Michael Sheuer whereever he is, so that we can celebrate his martyrdom by wishing him good riddance to crazy rubbish.

Glen Beck--His mothership needs to come pick him up. Maybe if we left Reese's Pieces in a trail to his dressing room, ET would come and take this crazy mofo home.

Anonymous said...

"Evil crazy "is looking like Sanford, confession, after confession.
He screwed around on his wife, a lotta times, but never crossed the "sex line"?
Now he ain't gonna give "jack" about his financials.
Praise the Lord!
It's the rodeo book deal a'comin' down the line and he'll catch a ride with any floozy on a broken tail light.
Remember the end of "Dr. No"?
Ride 'em, Cowboys.

Anonymous said...

Totally out of control like so many big-mouthed Republican idiots!
No wonder the World no longer respects America.
100% irresponsible.