Monday, July 13, 2009

Texas! Motto: When Kansas Gets Too Smart For You

Ah, history. One of our favorite subject as inmates of our local educorporate training facility, mainly because the books were so big we could set them up on our desks, put our heads down the majestic sweep of our human story.

Which is why we're a little concerned about this.

Civil rights leaders César Chávez and Thurgood Marshall – whose names appear on schools, libraries, streets and parks across the U.S. – are given too much attention in Texas social studies classes, conservatives advising the state on curriculum standards say.

Come on now guys, if you take everybody but white folks out of the history books, what have you got left? Pilgrims and Cowboys are about it, and by cowboys we mean the Dallas Cowboys.

"To have César Chávez listed next to Ben Franklin" – as in the current standards – "is ludicrous," wrote evangelical minister Peter Marshall, one of six experts advising the state as it develops new curriculum standards for social studies classes and textbooks. "Did Chávez have an illegitimate son? No. Did he ever go to France for America? I don't think so."

David Barton, president of Aledo-based WallBuilders, said in his review that Chávez, a Hispanic labor leader, "lacks the stature, impact and overall contributions of Franklin. Especially 'impact,''" he added. "Dude was the Mark Sanford of his day, with a little Vitter thrown in, know what I'm saying?"

Marshall also questioned whether Thurgood Marshall, who argued the landmark case that resulted in school desegregation and was the first black U.S. Supreme Court justice, should be presented to Texas students as an important historical figure. He wrote that the late justice is "not a white enough example" of such a figure.

The recommendations are part of a long process as the State Board of Education prepares to white new social studies curriculum standards for public schools. Debate on the issue, which will also include questions of the role of religion in public life. "This country was founded on bible precepts," Barton said. "Well, except for that 3/5 thing. In the bible slaves were slaves and the good lord was OK with that. Another reason Thurgood Marshall shouldn't be included."

Although the fancy pants, egghead book standards are being drafted by teams of teachers, academics and community representatives, the education board appointed a panel of six experts to help guide the whiting teams. Three of the experts, including Barton and Marshall, are useless idiots, while the other three – all professors at state universities in Texas – were appointed by the remaining Republicans and Democrats on the 15-member board.

The Texas Freedom Network questioned the academic credentials of Barton and Marshall. "Well, questioned' is maybe not quite accurate," said Dan Quinn of the freedom network. "Tried to find one dang reason on god's green earth why they should be on the panel, is probably a better way to describe it."

"It is what we expected from unqualified cracker bubbas put on this so-called panel of experts," said Quinn. "This is yet another step toward politicizing our children's education."

State board member Don McLeroy, R-College Station, took issue with the criticism of Barton and Marshall, saying they are "very qualified" to politicize social studies standards.

"There is no doubt they have the experience and expertise to advise the whiting teams and the board on the standards," he said. "Why shoot, both of 'em kin read n' write fer as I know. Cypher too."

The third expert appointed by social conservatives was Daniel Dreisbach, a Supervisor in the physical plant at the public affairs school at American University in Washington, D.C. He was less batspit loony, or wild eyed racist in his recommendations, but he agreed with Barton and Marshall that the Founding Fathers wanted a distinctly Christian nation based on biblical principles. "Well, at least the part of the bible that was left after Jefferson got done slicing the crap out of it."

Barton, a former Rodeo clown, said that because the U.S. is a republic rather than a democracy, the proper adjective for identifying U.S. values and processes should be "republican" rather than "democratic." That means social studies books should discuss "republican" values. "You know, adultery, pedophilia, fetishism, all the things republicans are known for. "


Seeing Eye Chick said...

Definitely a Fuctard Friday Post. But since you have Hound blogging on that day, it had to be posted on Monday.

When I first read about this shit, I felt so thankful that I am reasonably educated, woman, who has common sense and a high reading comprehension, and that [gasp] I homeschool.

I know most people think Homeschoolers are like that Marshal guy you mentioned in this piece, thumping bibles and being midwives to the apocalypse. Not so much.

Schools have been politicized for a long time. Politicized and full of pop psychology and fad teaching techniques--anyone else remember the "new Math" good gods I have been crippled for life with that one.

Our public schools are in trouble. Period. That these political scavengers are showing up and parasitizing our schools is a testament to the magnitude of sustained damage and chronic disfunction in our public education.

I learned more about the Apocalyptic Culture in America while in Primary school than anywhere else, and from my public school teachers and administrators directly. And that was in the 70s.

That should tell you something.

Anonymous said...

The fact the best thing Texas could come up with was "Bush", says it all.
The fact he marries one more twit; enough.

Anonymous said...

Robert Kennedy called Chavez a hero. This is something Texas does not want to hear. And it is the same for Marshall.
Texas also doesn't want to talk "assassinations" anymore because without a doubt, the assassin had "help".
It is probably this same sort of "help" trying to keep Texas "republican", period. At the very least, it's a lot less messy and sensational. And it might even happen "legally".

Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder Europe, Asia , etc, love USA but hate Texas. Obama is proof America still has a brain and soul.
And thank God for that!