Monday, July 27, 2009

Hate The Sin Shoot The Sinner

OK, this has been floating around the interwebs for a few days and has caused us to imbibe more than a couple adult beverages in an attempt to clear our intellectual pallet.

Hey, shut up. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Anyway, here's Randall Terry, leading spokesperson for the sanctity of life and the right of blastocysts to grow up and vote republican reveling in the murder of George Tiller:

Somewhat odd, thinks us, for a fellow leading the Pro-Life movement, but then, Dr. Tiller was not an embryo, so perhaps there's a distinction of which we are unaware. Fair enough. It's not like we actually spend a lot of time paying attention to these folks. Could have easily missed the memo.

But then Mr. Terry shows up at the National Press Club and says if health care reform includes allowing the ladies to practice their legal rights to an abortion, "horrific consequences" will ensue.

Now, we're not sure what a horrific consequence are, but we have to figure it's something a little more serious than if you get an abortion someone shows up at your house and gives you a noogie. Even two noogies. Even noogies every day for a week.

So, here we have a leading proponent of the Culture of Life™ telling us that if we don't agree with him, his posse is going to go all Scott Roeder on our baby killing buttocks.

Truly Ironicus at its Maximus, no?

Why is it, that the more someone loves life, the more likely they are to shoot you if you don't see things their way?


Anonymous said...

Brown "clown" tie. Stubby Hands. Wig-like hair. "Pounding the lectern" with even a "blonde" by his side.
"Seig Heil!" ever so softly.

Anonymous said...

They all belong to the NRA. Simple.

YogaforCynics said...

What part of "Jesus loves the little children" don't you understand? That's LITTLE children--i.e. too small to survive outside the womb. Big children, who might need social programs or school lunches, he doesn't care so much about. In fact, he'd rather they starve to death than increase the tax burdens of good Christian rich people.... adults...fuhgeddaboutit....

Anonymous said...

I think there is a new film out called: "Orphans". It is insanely stupid to have such an excess of homeless children (and by the way, since the Bush administration, the number of teen pregnancies has sky-rocketed) and of course, there are no homes for half of them. Don't even think food!
The devil is in the Right Wing extremists and all the lessons from Germany point to the same stuff. Dumb. Insecure. And racist.
Why do you think there is so much crime?
Poverty, no stability due to economics and marital breakdowns ,not to mention, job losses so extreme it is impossible to raise the kids in clothes, education and health.
These Republicans are truly the atheists of society. They destroy to get what they want. Namely: Power and Money.
Aren't they the very "Christians" objecting to tax raises on themselves (so many , billionaires and millionaires) to pay for what they demand! Republicans are the very reason this country is headed towards "Socialism". They ate too high and too long off the Hog and never, ever desired to share.
Good bye! Good riddance! And hopefully half of them will be jailed for their " crimes against humanity"! Frauds of "religion" and absolutely no friend to "Jane Doe".

Seeing Eye Chick said...

Horrific Consequences? That would be empowered women taking one look at his bozo head, and thinking, wow, that thing has no power over me. Not even my *Shame-Cave.

Horrific indeed. A total loss of control of the Breeders.

Oh The Horror! The Humanity !

I am with Ironicus, Pass me another beer, and not one of those Nasty Domestic Beers either. I want something that I have to chew like pudding.