Thursday, July 09, 2009

What About All The Lobbyists? Where's Their Recognition?

Frequent readers of this blog know the soporific comfort of lowered mean know that we come to you from the Water Winter Wonderland, the Great Lake State, the Pleasant Peninsula, the Mosquito, Nachos and Warm Beer Capitol of the world, Michigan.

And most of the time we are proud to be Michiganders, but when we recently read the brave stand that Iowa Congressman Steve King took to protect the baby Jesus from the darkies, we'll let's just say it put a lump in our throats the size of a kernel of yellow dent corn. ('cause we're talking about Iowa donchooknow. It's sophisticated corn humor. Just go with it, OK?)

The western Iowa Republican was the only House member to oppose the measure. The resolution, which passed 399-1, orders officials to place a marker inside the new Capitol Visitor Center using some of the original stone quarried by those slaves for the historic building.

King said he opposed the bill because it was put up for a vote before the depiction of "Gott Mit Uns" could be considered in the visitor center. "Haven't we given them enough?" King asked. "I mean they've taken over the NBA and most of the NFL, now we're giving them the Capitol. Mark my words, if this keeps up it won't be long before someone tries to tell us Jesus wasn't white."

"Our Judeo-Christian heritage is an essential foundation stone of our great nation--except for the Judeos--and should not be held hostage to yet another effort to educate future Americans about the sins of some of their ancestors," King said. "Besides, there were slaves in the bible."

He called it another example of "liberals in Congress" trying to remove references to the nation's Christian heritage from the Capitol.

Yeah, what about it guys, Mr. King does have a point here. Maybe we could compromise by...oh we don't know...displaying Jefferson's bible maybe? Or how about some of Adam's letters on religion? No? How about Ben Franklin? Washington? Come on now, you're not making this easy.

Oh wait, we know. George Bush! Now he's the kind of christian Mr. King could get behind, we're sure.


Anonymous said...

Only the brightest, most progressive, all inclusive, believing in the threads of all humanity, and wanting to make a country work, demands separation of church and state.
Religions seem to be the root of all wars. "God" could never , ever, dream that. Only mankind.

Anonymous said...

It was quite a "revelation" to have proof that Rumsfeld pushed and taunted Bush and other" intellectually -minimals "into war with quotes and images of the Bible, justifying "Christian" aggression.
How sick is sick?
There seems to be no end to "Republican" sick.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Steve King who was against Medicare permitting "recreational sex drugs"?
With all the unemployment, and violence and poverty to come, I bet he's on his knees every night.

Anonymous said...

"The Farmer in the Dell" never loses its ring. Republicans are downright frightening.

Anonymous said...

You really gotta wonder when Bush closes his eyes and does a wince, what the hell is he thinking?
Let's not go there.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it something that we don't all admit we have "Negro" in us. (Yes, even the Queen!)
Crazy , stupid and so embarassing to have someone in the limelight like that. I hope he doesn't have an affair. It's so redundant.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

Oh, and can we display The Woman's Bible too? You know the one commissioned by Elizabeth Cady Stanton? AKA THE Whore of Suffragette Babylon!


Anonymous said...

These kind of guys are killing religions, everywhere.
Blacks volunteered for every war we had in the 20th century. How many wounded? How many dead? How many families destroyed because of it?
What did King ever do? He just stuck to being one more blotch on white America.

scripto said...

"except for the Judeos..."

Freakin' brilliant - now how do I explain to the IT dept another keyboard ruined by pepsi laden nose spewings?