Thursday, July 30, 2009

OK, But She's Getting A Lousy Parking Spot

Hey, look, that Mexican woman is still trying to get a job with the government. Oh wait, she's not Mexican. Not that it matters one way or another you see, 'cause we're all post racial and stuff here in the marbled halls of IM Central. Just like senator Cornyn.

Senator John Cornyn, J-Wayne, the head of his party's Senate campaign committee and a Sotomayor opponent, said Reid and other Democrats were trying to exploit the nomination and "giving cover to groups and individuals to nurture racial grievances for political advantage. I don't think it influences people's votes, which is deeply disappointing to me," Cornyn said. "Especially after all Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have done to nurture racial grievances for the white race."

Right on senator! Bet that's the sort of racial transcendence you brought to those crackers at the Rockford Institute when they invited you to come and talk, right?

Cornyn defended his decision, noting that he had been the only Republican to publicly fault conservatives who branded Sotomayor racist. "I got the short straw," he added.

Republicans are torn between a fear of what their crazy base will do if they don't oppose Sotomayor and a concern that doing so could bring a Hispanic backlash which would result in more difficulty finding gardeners and nannys in the future. The dilemma is particularly vexing for senators from states like Cornyn's where more than one third of the population is Latino. "Not a problem. We can pander to the beaners just as easily as we pander to the bubbas," said one Cornyn staffer who asked not to be identified.

The decision on how to vote on her confirmation was made more difficult in recent days for some Republicans and Democrats from testosterone poisoned battleground states after the National Rifle Association, which has an under medicated and over stimulated base of members with penis issues, announced that a vote to confirm Sotomayor would count against senators in the group's annual candidate ratings. "Blark! Feezle Blat Blat Guns!" said one NRA official asked to explain the organization's opposition to Sotomayor. "Arrrooooo!" he added

Republicans, though, say they don't trust Sotomayor to keep her mucho platos de arroz and gandoles y pernir out of the courtroom. Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina said in a statement that the judge has "let her personal beliefs cloud her judgment." When asked why acknowledging personal beliefs wasn't a problem with justices Alito and Thomas, Burr responded, "Are you blind, boy? Just look at them. OK, Thomas is a darky, sure, but he does whatever Scalia says, so he's almost white."

Jim DeMint of South Carolina, said she "has not inspired confidence that she will consistently base her decisions on what's best for the white race" citing in particular her stance on gun and abortion rights. "Whenever them ethnicals starts using the word "rights" it makes me nervous," he added.

Senator Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., the Judiciary Committee chairman, said he was "disappointed" that more Republicans hadn't kept up with their therapy. His panel's vote to send Sotomayor's nomination to the full Senate was nearly along party lines, with just one Republican, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, breaking with the party to back her. "Wait until Rush hears about that," he added. "I would imagine Lindsey is already working on his apology."

GOP leadership aides suggest there's little political ground to be lost for their party in opposing Sotomayor. "They're too poor, and they're not that stupid," said one aide. "That takes off the two of the three most important criteria for being a republican supporter right there."


Seeing Eye Chick said...

I would think that these folks would be all excited. Hispanics are one of the largest growing demographics in Holy Roller churches--Pentacostalism ring a bell? I would be more worried about her being Anti-Choice because of that, and well we all know the Catholic Church's stance on that issue--So if one were going to fear stereotypes, being an out of control liberal Latina isn't the first guess I would make.

I think these crazy old coots are borrowing trouble.

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me how Beck, who has a "special needs child" condemns health care reform. Like anyone can care for cerebral palsey, autistic, etc. The guy has no soul.

Anonymous said...

You never fail to amuse and entertain! :)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Oxycontin rules.
Rush CAN share, and with Beck.