Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Republicans! Motto: Where Relevance Goes To Die

OK, so the republicans let a fellow of Indian descent, who is most likely a legal immigrant, give the rebuttal to President Obama's (not) State of the Union speech the other night. Unfortunately, it turned out he was a liar and a miserable speaker and so the republicans were justifiably outraged that he was...a...lousy speaker. Maybe he should have winked at the audience, who knows?

Anyway, the point is the republicans are trying, you know? They want us to know they aren't the party of rich, old, fat, perverted white guys. Well, until the rich, old, perverted, fat guy makes them apologize that is.

So there are still some bugs to work out, so what? Look, the republicans even elected an African American to be the head of the party:

But here's our question: Why is that dog white on the inside and black on the outside?


Anonymous said...

Well, it goes something like this.

" They cut me off at the KNEES (amazing they found them) because they are too gutless to voice their own opinions!"

Oh really? Has't thou forgotten Palin? McCain? Steele (before he lost his jube jubes for a Rush appetizer) and the almighty jerk of all into one big Republican "ball"...Bush-Cheney?

Oh ,obese one, now 2x bigger after an eight year
Republican snarfing, pound thy fat flesh and "tenderize"....it's time for punishment, one and all!

Anonymous said...

White on the inside and black on the outside, you say? Must have to do with Texas, oil, contributions, and tax cuts for the rich.
Those terriers are what they are, you know. Boxy, intellectually challenged , and ever so loud.

Anonymous said...

The Republican leadership has a 26% approval rate. With that score, it's pretty close to some right wing republican racists and the KKK.
Is it any wonder they now say Romney is "the man". Right. "The man" who endorses a religion of sexism, sexual orientation, gay despising and throws dogs in cages on top of car roofs while hitting the gas at 80 . That's called a "family vacation with man's best friend".
Sheesh. The guy looks like a robot; talks like a robot; and never looks real. That's called," Another Bush Regime" except this one is programmed a little smarter.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should sign "I am sorry, Rush." The Democrats , at the very least, can be hugely funny, way classier and never without creativity.
Who on earth would kneel to that obscene , ridiculous , and self-consumed fool, Rush? Steele should be flogged by Delay and carried home for Moose stew.