Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Hound Blogging

We're going to step out of character for a moment today and be serious. Serious and sober. OK, serious. Umm...this isn't turning out right.

Actually we do have some important information to pass along today. As you probably know, rather than face the fact that their days of riding to glory on the backs of innocent animals are coming to a close, the overlords have been desperately trying to export their soulless "sport" to countries where the populace has the IQ of wallpaper. Floral wallpaper of course--we're not trying to be insulting or anything. Anyway, one of those countries was Guam where it turns out the people can actually read and think so the overlords' attempt to convince them that greyhound racing was anything other than heartless exploitation of the dogs has failed.

As usual though when this happens, the ones left holding the bag are the dogs. Which is where you come in. Take a minute to click on over to this site, read up on what's happening in Guam and, if you're able send a few shekels their way. Yeah, yeah, we know we're asking you to clean up another overlord mess, but that's the problem with being born with a heart big enough for compassion and empathy--people without souls take advantage of you from time to time.

And now back to the show.

Speaking of the future of greyhound racing, we ran across a couple of stories this week that sort of underscore why the overlords have decided that their attempts to remain out of the workforce is going to mean taking up residence in third world countries--at least until the literacy rate in said countries gets to about 18%.

You may remember a while back we told you about the track at Hinsdale going belly up. Turns out the overlords there were in a race with the state to see who could declare failure faster.

Even if the Hinsdale Greyhound Track hadn't declared bankruptcy in December, it probably would have been shut down by the state Timothy Connors, chairman of the New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission, says the decision was influenced by the attorney general's investigation into the track's finances and business practices. "Look, when 80% of your income stream comes for the Coke machine in the lobby, it's pretty obvious you're in trouble," Connors said.

Yeah. That whole profit thing seems to be a pretty slippery concept when it comes to greyhound right Rolando Pablos, the Texas racing commission chairman?

Faced with a shortfall of 14 percent, nearly $678,000 , the commission that oversees horse and dog racing in Texas has asked Gov. Rick Perry for a $250,000 emergency grant to finish the fiscal year that ends Aug. 31 in the black. The racing commission attributes $70,000 of the shortfall to the impact of last year's hurricanes on track revenues. It blames the rest on a factor likely reflecting decreased betting.

Man, sounds like the overlords in Texas are better off with a hurricane than a Saturday matinee and evening card. Good thing legislators in other states aren't realizing that what a money pit greyhound racing is.


Ongoing efforts to ban live greyhound racing continue to plague Yankee Greyhound Racing in Seabrook, most recently at a public hearing in Concord. Seabrook and Belmont Race Track are the only remaining greyhound race tracks in New Hampshire, following the recent closing of the track in Hinsdale. While a bill sponsored by Rep. Mary Cooney, D-Plymouth, seeks to ban the sport entirely. "I did the math, and if the workers form these tracks went on unemployment, they'd be better off and it would cost the state less," Cooney told reporters at the press conference announcing her bill.

Ouch. Well, at least there's the rest of the world to exploit right Mr. Neilan?

Attendance at greyhound racing dropped by 12% last year, according to figures released by the Irish Greyhound Board. Just over 1.1m people attended race meetings last year, said chief executive Adrian Neilan. In December, the board announced it would cut costs by €2m and the chief executive and other managers have taken a 5% pay cut, while salaries above €50,000 have been frozen.

Doggone UN literacy programs. What's wrong with those people Sierra?

Sierra is very laid back and easy going. She likes to encourage the other dogs in the home to play with her. She is affectionate, and will approach for pets. She will leap in the air when she is happy while on a walk. She loves to follow her foster mom around the house and loves to cuddle. Sierra would do well in a working family home with well-mannered children, 6 and up. She is good with other dogs and would probably be fine as an only dog. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame and a sham what too many Irish and English drunks (not to mention, gamblers )started in this country.To start it in others is not only despicable but merely furthers proof of white man's greed.

Anonymous said...

If it's not the old and ignorant it definitely could be "south of the border" regimes of cock-fights and pit bull fighting. When animals are used for brutal play, greyhound-racing is just one more ticket to sell.
Is it any wonder we have to send the troops to Texas and Arizona? Drug cartels, kidnappings, mafia- Mexicano , the land of abductions and slit throats and decapitations...these desert dogs from Mexico just don't change their fangs...they morph into neighborhoods with another type of crime. Corruption runs rampant even after Bush and they'll take any party to push their agenda and probably threaten and bribe in between.

Michelle Young Cuenant said...

I certainly wish Obama would look into Greyhound Racing as more than a troubled state of affairs. He sees pain and suffering , the human and animal kind, and what victory if he were to choose a Greyhound Rescue for either he or his wife, Michelle. Therapy dogs are everywhere and the Nation can use this in every facet of its life, be it geriatric, medicinal, therapeutic, searchng for cancers, cadavers or drugs, the list is endless!
These dogs need more than "Hope"...they need homes desperately, and they would indeed pay, all their life long with gratitude in the form of service to all Americans, everywhere. Greyhound League take note! "Yes We Can!"

Anonymous said...

Narco terrorists can easily infiltrate all these gambling "institutions", be it machines, horses, dog racing,prostitution, etc...what better way to hook a ticket player than selling coke on the bad habit leads to's called "investment", terrorist style.
I'd look into all these promoters of dog cruelty, be they Mexican , American, or Columbian. It's called "the money trail", and what better way to a "speedy" recovery than through the nostrils of the desperate and the down and out.

Anonymous said...

Well, there are a lot of "fat cats" who love steroids, coke, not to mention, oxycontin. (You know that "Hillbily Heroin" that Rush loved so much.) Truth be told, gluttons will do anything to succeed. And they all seem to have big mouths, big connections, and have dirt for souls.