Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Clinton Supporters! Why Vote For Someone You Agree With? McCain '08!

Oh, look everybody, the democrats are in Denver for a steel cage death match between Obama and Hillary.

At a restaurant on the outskirts of Denver, some 60 women gathered at a PUMA PAC-sponsored screening of a documentary called “The Audacity of Democracy.” In interviews beforehand, many said they would defy Clinton’s calls for party unity. "So what if the country is going to hell in a handbasket," said one attendee. "This is about us!"

Oh yeah baby, it's on now. Obama's going to be out at Mile High Stadium speaking to tens of thousand of supporters and Hillary's got...um...er...hmmm...well, 60 old ladies. OK this isn't shaping up the way we'd imagined. What else is going on?

In a modern production studio about a mile from where the Democrats were opening their convention, a SWAT team of Republican operatives dispatched to crash Senator Barack Obama’s party was reveling in its accomplishments.

Two new advertisements devised to stoke the sore feelings of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s devotees were widely covered online and on cable news channels; a news conference the Republicans produced with former Clinton supporters who said they were now backing Senator John McCain drew a standing-room-only crowd of reporters.

Guys. With 437,000 reporters in town, most of whole have already shot their wads with stories about how many seats the Pepsi Center has, or why Denver is called the "Mile High" city, you could probably attract a standing room only crowd if you staged a reading of My Pet Goat.

Besides, is this such a good idea? We mean, the whole republican strategy for this year is to try and get voters to forget their candidates are republicans. In fact, the idea is for all of us to forget there's a republican party all together.

Oregon Republican Senator Gordon Smith is touting his link to a presidential candidate in his latest campaign ad for his re-election bid against Democrat Jeff Merkley, but it’s not John McCain. Rather, Smith is touting his ties to Barack Obama. "I had a drinking problem,"Smith told reporters when asked if he still consdiered himself a republican. "But Senator Obama helped me get sober."

The 2000 republican platform referenced George W. Bush over 40 times.The 2004 platform referenced him over 200 times The 2008 draft platform references Bush zero times. It references John McCain zero times. "We're hoping that by November we can convince people that McCain is a candidate of the Maverick party and his real name is POW," said one republican official who asked not be be named because his children might find out what he did for a living.

Hmmm...looks like those 60 ladies at the restaurant may be the only votes the republicans can count on this year.

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