Monday, August 18, 2008

Barak Obama Nude!!*

You know, we really need to get Paris and Britney some help because when they're not out getting arrested or forgetting their underwear, our poor media doesn't know what to do with itself and we get stuff like this.

Look out, ladies. Barack Obama has taken his shirt off in public again. The 47-year-old senator from Illinois, who created a minor sensation with a shirtless photo on his last trip to Hawaii, stripped down to his trunks on Thursday for an impromptu body surfing excursion.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Obama does not swim while fully clothed and if you thought glancing at Hillary's cleavage put the media on the ceiling for a week, well, you just ain't seen nothing yet.

People magazine published a photo of the buff-looking senator emerging from the ocean in January 2007 on a page with other Hollywood stars.

See, we had to put in that part about being on the same page as other Hollywood stars so you wouldn't forget Obama's a celebrity. It's easier than trying to explain his energy strategy, or his economic positions.

*From the waist up

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