Thursday, March 01, 2007

Have Faith. It's Easier Than Thinking

You know, this is really a low blow. After all, the president's whole administration has been faith based.

We'll find the WMD's. Have faith in us.

The Levees will hold. Have faith in us.

Sure they're all terrorists in Gitmo. Have faith in us.

We won't eavesdrop on everyone. Have faith in us.

A few more troops will turn the tide. Have faith in us.

You really don't need all those rights in the Constitution. Have faith in us.

In January 2001, soon after he became president, Bush issued an executive order creating the White House Office of Faith-Based Government and Global Initiatives. "The president believes that too much emphasis is placed on science and logic," said White House Press Secretary Tony Snowjob. "Besides, he didn't do well in those classes in college."

One of the goals Bush set was to create faith based initiatives to fight poverty, substance abuse, terrorism, the weather, the deficit and other social problems.

Bush administration lawyer Paul Clement argued that a 1968 Supreme Court precedent allows taxpayer challenges to congressional spending, but not to executive branch actions. "Actually I don't even know why I'm here," Clement said. "It's not like the president has to listen to you guys or anything. Who do you think you're dealing with here, Clinton?"

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