Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Let's Agree To Discuss The Dicussion Of What Discussion We Might Discuss

We're coming to you from the Department of Magnanimity today, here in the marbled halls of IM Central. Yesterday we cast aspersions upon the members of the current House of Representatives. Well, the democratic members actually. The republicans got aspersions up the wazoo and we're not going there. Anyway, we implied that the duly elected majority of the House was somewhat less that steely eyed in their resolve to carry out the people's will and get busy ending the war.

If by implied you mean we called them a bunch of wusses. So, having said that we must offer kudos to those members of the senate, who, grasping the colors from their fallen brethren, have charged forward and opened their own front in the war to end the war.

The U.S. Senate voted on Wednesday to consider a Democratic plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq.

Yay! We're going to talk about what we should talk about.

Excuse us, we just have to know, is the president shaking in his boots yet? Does he sense the righteous wrath he has called down on himself? We're just asking because once this debate gets started someone is sure to point out that his administration has been what you might call...uh...a debacle.

See, since the president is so closely connected to the people, we know how sensitive he is about his public image and we're just afraid that when the senate starts talking about the war it's liable to get out that he hasn't been an unqualified success as a chief executive.

"It's about time we had courage to stand up and say to the president, Mr. President, we're going to start talking about all the bad, bad things you did, and may even call you a poopy head," Delaware Democrat Senator Joseph Biden said.

"I'm really encouraged that the senate is has decided to begin talking about the war," said Marine Sgt. Ty Ziegel, "I'm sure all my fellow Marines feel much safer now, knowing that senators will no longer let their sacrifice go undiscussed."

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