Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Hound Blogging

We're coming to you from the It Can't Happen Here Department at IM Central. We've written many times in the past about the above board nature of greyhound racing and the impeccable credentials necessary to become an overlord. So you can imagine that we are shocked we tell you shocked to discover this:

An investigation is being conducted into allegations of illegal betting at The Woodlands racetrack, authorities said. "For the life of us we can't figure out why someone would want to cheat on a two dollar bet," said a spokesperson for the Racing and Gaming Commission. "But then, most of these guys are about one sandwich short of a picnic basket if you get my drift."

James Gartland, a spokesman for The Woodlands, a horse and dog track in Kansas City, Kansas, said the allegations are without merit. "I'll bet you two bucks they don't find a thing. Anyone got two bucks they can lend me?

Stephen Martino, executive director of the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission, said there is an administrative complaint regarding allegations of a conspiracy to engage in illegal gambling. "I know, I know," Martino said. "The first thing I thought of when I read that there was a 'conspiracy' was come on, these guys have enough trouble getting their shoes on the right feet. Conspiracy? Who you trying to kid?"

Earlier this year, the Racing and Gaming Commission refused to approve Gartland’s periodic background check, which essentially removed Gartland as general manager of the track. He continues to work there, he said, in nonracing operations. "I'm in charge of office snacks," he told reporters.

Last year, Gartland paid a $300 fine after pleading no contest to having a gambler place wagers equaling $300 to $400 to help cover shortfalls in a Tri-Superfecta wagering pool.

Wait a minute. You mean the betting is so poor at the track they have to artificially bump the jackpot up and their still trying to find ways to skim the take? How soon do you think it will be until they're just stealing from themselves, Rosey?

Rosey is a very friendly and loving dog who seeks attention from everyone she meets. Rosey is a Second Chance at Life Dog from the Coldwater Prison Program. Rosey would do well in a family that had someone home most of the time or that has another dog, as she tends to be vocal when her family is out of sight. She would probably be good with kids 8 and up. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

Bongo Update: Bongo continues to do well in his foster home, but he is getting a little impatient for a forever couch.

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