Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday Hound Blogging

OK, so when the overlords' units are no longer profitable at a particular track, they're packed up in a hauler and shipped out to another track to see if a few more bucks can be squeezed out of their skinny hides before they're dumped.

Now, transportation for greyhounds isn't exactly first class. We've written before about some of the "stock loss" that accompanies the overlords' attempts to keep from having to get a real jobs.

Of course, since the overlords care so much for their charges, any mishap, on the road or otherwise is cause for great consternation and distress. For example, take this recent incident.

It was a fiery death for nearly a dozen greyhound dogs after a trailer fire turned into a deadly trap. They'd been among 16 racing dogs in a trailer when, firefighters said, the air conditioning unit malfunctioned and caught fire. The flames spread to the shredded newspaper that lined the floor. Ten of dogs would not survive.

You can imagine the emotional devastation experienced by the overlord of these particular units. They're burned. They're bruised. They're abandoned. Veterinarian Patty Totilas said the owner wanted to put one down. "I guess they're money making animals to her. They're not her pets," Totilas said.


Well, we all show grief in different ways. Those of us who are fully human anyway. Luckily, this week's hound survived his overlord's frantic attempts to wring a few last cents from his bony frame and now he's ready to end his wandering days...on your couch. Meet Earl Ott aka Hobbs"

Earl a.k.a. Hobbs is confident, sweet, well mannered, outgoing and very affectionate. He seeks affection and enjoys being petted. He will bounce his head against you to get affection. He likes to play with stuffed animals. He does the puppy pounce and makes silly noises when he plays. He loves to walk and jog with his foster family daily. He loves to spend time outside. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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