Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poor People, Please Be Quiet While The President Explains How Great We Are

Frequent reader(s) of this blog know that we often start our posts with "Frequent reader(s) of this blog" Look, you come here because you're trying to avoid doing something responsible and/or productive. What do you want from us? Effort? We put as much effort into writing this blog as you put into reading it so let's not mess with the arrangement OK?

Where were we? Oh yeah. Frequent reader(s) of this blog know that we have a sort of tradition around here when it comes to the president's State Of The Union Speech. Ah, president Bush and the English language. Those were the days, no?

This year, however, we have to report that we did not watch the president's address, nor did we watch the spittle flecked republican response, or the Michele Bachmann's medication free rebuttal rebuttal on some cable channel that preempted reruns of Hee Haw to put her on--although we sort of wish we had watched that one because we're told it was rather creepy. Henh, henh. Michele Bachmann, creepy. That's like saying Cubs fans are, optimistic.

Truth be told though, we just couldn't bring ourselves to listen to the president describe an America that only exists if you happen to be working and/or rich. We think scarecrow said it best, but the point is if our elected officials were half as good at solving problems as they are at avoiding them, there'd be ponies for everyone.

And it doesn't stop there. On the way to the freezer to break out the Stoli we caught part of the CBS Evening News. Story one The president is giving a speech. Story two: REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS MIGHT SIT TOGETHER!! ZOMG!! ZOMG!! ACK!! BLARK!!! IT'S A DATE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! WE'RE SO CLEVER!! Next up: Women play hockey, Who knew?

It's like the whole political and media infrastructure of the country is caught in some permanent seventh grade time warp.  Now, admittedly we've been known to flee reality from time to time as the aforementioned reference to our penchant for adult beverages indicates, but in our defense we've never thought of that as our job.

Well, on the bright side, it looks like most of the people who watched the speech approved of what the President had to say, except for Paul Broun, who had to take his medication first, but you have to figure a lot of the folks who've lost their jobs and their homes probably weren't sitting around in front of the big screen plasma, so we'll never really know what they thought. Course, they don't live in the America the president was talking about anyway, so let's hear it for the real state of the union: Denial.


Anonymous said...

I have a headache.
Anyone got a "BAYER"?

Jenna McWilliams said...

I sort of care about education. I don't know if you knew that. And the American education system described by Pres. Obama was the system populated by the rich, the privileged, the non-black and non-latino, the children who will inherit the America that only exists if you happen to be working and/or rich.

Sad that the optimistic depiction of America is a depiction of the America designed for the wealthy--a skin-deep depiction of the ideal life as it existed nearly a generation ago: One in which a good education, hard work, and home ownership was all it took to be happy, healthy, comfortable, and safe.

Anonymous said...

We can all take our yachts and get away from "the little people".
I hear the AZORES are perfect for wines and cheese.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

just another disconnected leader--my disappointment in him is profound.

scripto said...

"Look, you come here because you're trying to avoid doing something responsible and/or productive."

Wish that were the case. But you and your ilk have been banned at workplace so this is on my own time. Make it good.

I know we professional liberal progressives are disappointed in our President, but, jeez, give the guy a break. He's just the President. He doesn't have all the answers. It's not like he's a blogger.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

Us poor people don't get a break. We get the dogpile. He seems to have missed that point, which is good reason to with hold that break from himself. My disappointments in him are numerous:

1. He is not really a liberal progressive--he is actually a moderate republican.
2. He has the backbone of a jellyfish.

3. He is a plutocrat.
4. Some of his appointees are worse than bush appointees {and I didn't think that was possible but...}
5. He is an green as injection well water.
6. He has not gotten proper help for People who lost their homes to illegal foreclosures in the housing bubble.
7. He has not helped the people in the Gulf after BP Ass-raped them 6 ways til sunday.

I am sure I could go on, but I need to drink more coffee. You get the picture.

And for the record, these are not subtle issues for the most part--these are huge, glaring, obvious problems he could have helped with.

8. Failure to get rid of patriot act insanity.
9. Used Patriot Act to allow Foreign companies to hire Mercs and use them on foreign soil against Americans under critical infrastructure clause which was also used as an excuse to spy on Americans being brutalized by multi-national conglomerate and harass them.

Getting a headache again--going to quit before the veins in my head start to look like noodles glued to my forehead.