Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On The Bright Side: American Idol Was Picked Up For Another Season

Ah, the holidays are past us, the election is but a dim memory, hopefully we're done with assassination attempts so now the new Congress can get down to business. And there's a lot to be done, too. Unemployment is still high, people are being thrown out of their homes at record rates. Sometimes illegally we might add. Energy costs are rising again threatening what little recovery we can see, and of course fighting wars half way around the world is becoming a bit of a drain on our resources. Well, a bit of a drain on the resources of the Chinese we should say  since that's who we're borrowing most of our money from, having gone broke ourselves one or two wars ago.

This is what you call the proverbial full plate, is it not? So, what are our elected leaders, these statesmen and women politicians going to tackle first? Perhaps they'll surprise us all and go after the crumbling infrastructure in this country, or help out the 99'ers for whom the social safety net ran out a while back and whose numbers are growing every day.

Tell us, oh leaders who tread in the footsteps of inspirations like Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln and Roosevelt. Whither goest this country under your firm and well reasoned guidance?
The highly anticipated vote Wednesday to repeal the health care reform bill will make headlines and count as a promise kept by House Republicans.
 Whoa. Caught us a bit off guard there, keepers of flame of liberty and justice for all. So the first lady's campaign to get people eating healthy and exercising has paid off? Americans are no longer in need of health care? Is that what you are telling us, oh guardians of the American traditions of equality, fairness and equal opportunity?
But in the end, it’s really just for show.
Oh. We see. Well, on the bright side, maybe that could be America's new motto. Seems fitting. Wonder how you say it in Latin.

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Seeing Eye Chick said...

If only we could pelt them all with rotten fruit like they deserve.

Sure the GOPers want to repeal healthcare--I mean how can you appreciate the presence of theodicy in your life if the state steps in and gives you medical care or hospice? That all but negates the purpose of the wrath of god!

But then with the Obama's pushing gardening while simultaneously encouraging BP to load the Gulf of Mexico up with so much poison that it fairly glows in the dark--well, or the fact that they are buds with Monsanto and Bayer who force GM foods on us while killing our pollinators with poisons--its hard to believe that anyone on the hill is smart enough or deep enough to give a damn about anything.

Lost faith in all of them. That great sucking sound is the due to their collective, simultaneous suckage on a variety of issues.


And just think--most of these arrogant bastards were educated in college. What did they major in? How to stick it to the little people while destroying the surface of the planet?