Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Hound Blogging

As our old daddy used to say, sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the a doo doo on your head. OK, those aren't quite the words he would have used, preferring the more colorful Anglo-Saxon descriptors as he did, but this is a family blog and the children may be watching. Anyway, we suspect greyhound racing's chief overlord Gary Guccione wishes he had a hat these days because his recent rhetorical stylings in defense of the heartless barbarity of animal exploitation sport of greyhound racing, as we've discussed in the last two FHB's do not seem to be having the intended effect.

See, the point of Mr. Guccione's attempt at eloquence was to turn public opinion from the view that he and his ilk are somewhat less than human, given the fact that they suck their meager existence off the backs of innocent animals, cruelly taking advantage of greyhounds' speed, grace and loyalty; stealing their nobility for profit, then casting them aside like common trash after using them up.

Well, you can see Mr. G has set quite a task for himself and this week we thought we'd peek in and see how he's doing. So, Mr. Guccione sir, you launched your letter campaign awhile back, the word has had time to spread, your arguments have penetrated the ether, and the public has been stirred. Time to tally the results, no?
Now a bill moving through the state House is targeting horse racetracks or other betting establishments which might consider running simulcasts of greyhound racing from the 19 surviving dogs tracks in the U.S. House Bill 67, which unanimously passed the House Gaming Oversight Committee Tuesday, would bar simulcasts or live broadcasts of greyhound racing, a strategy that the shrinking greyhound racing industry is pushing as a way to increase profits at its dwindling number of tracks.
 Ouch. OK, OK let's not panic. After all, no one expected smooth sailing. We mean, take the average person on the street. They have values, a heart, they're able to feel empathy, sympathy and have a basic respect for life--all life. It's obviously going to take a little time to convince them that killing and maiming dogs for profit the exciting and fascinating world of greyhound racing is an appropriate activity for human beings to be engaged in.  Hey, let's go out to Arizona, you know the Xanadu of greyhound living? If anyone would be willing to agree that abusing living creatures for profit greyhound racing has a place in a civilized society it would be the folks who get to see how well greyhounds are treated close up, right?
Legislation has been filed to bring dog racing to an end at Tucson Greyhound Park! House Bill 2536, sponsored by Republican Representative Vic Williams, changes the state's racing law to remove the requirement that TGP offer live racing. That's right, the track could remain open for other forms of gambling but greyhounds would no longer run around in circles at the facility or live in tiny cages at the compound.
 Hmm...OK let's recap. Mr Guccione embarks on a full throated defense of his industry in several papers around the country. Result: Aside from the tracks that are about to go out of business anyway, state legislatures begin to move to outlaw the whole enterprise. This can't be going according to plan, huh Sly?

Sly is easygoing, independent and loving. He will approach and nuzzle you for affection. He will “talk” to you in the morning when he wants to go out. He has an odd bark that sounds like he has bronchitis, although he is completely healthy.  Sly would do well in a working family home with well-mannered children, 10 and up. He has lived with his “adoptive sister”, Remy for over six years. They would need to be placed together. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

Silver update:  Silver is doing well and has learned about steps, windows and the joy of treats.


Nancy said...

IM Central,

Again and again, you never cease to amaze, educate and amuse, in one little blog.

This was simply beautiful. Mr. G proudly states his stance, yet all around are the signs the greyhound racing industry is crumbling. Dying. And yet he staunchly stands behind it.

A captain on the Edmond Fitzgerald. All hands lost.

So, how does his resume read when his little world collapses?

Confinement of greyhounds to small cages and inhumane conditions.
Race them until they are injured.
Stand down the injured until they can be raced again
Euthanize those that can’t be raced again

Given that experience he has to show, no wonder he fights so hard. He has nothing without the greyhound racing.

Too bad for him. Bad career decision, Mr. G.

Anonymous said...

Know what I like?
I like the CNB Bank.
Try and guess which Bank it is this time, trying to hide all "those dogs", for payments.
Not Oklahoma. (directly)
Not Arizona. (directly)
Not even West Virginia or even Kansas! (directly)
It all has to do with hiding dogs through YEMEN, to NICE, to EL SALVADOR to LA and THEN, yes, Gary Guccione does reap!
CNB Bank?
And if you'd like their email so you can perform sexual acts on children or just outright torture them for their much desired organs, here it is:
Take a look how far "Greyhound Racing" has covered "those tracks"!
"Senators in Texas-Arizona (democrats) are working with the Zetas in Utah explosives with the republicans and are informing Colorado of the heroin!"
But this is where it gets
"Jack the Ripper" on us.
@heroin is informing the pedophile senators that there's a lot of "ee" (executions through electrocutions) going on, with the Chechens!
Gary Guccione, like Martin Roper always said : " Oh -oh. Somebody's in trouble".(And particularly Louisiana for the "chow".)
And like about 150 "kids' worth".
(And it all has to do with GE.)
Gary Guccione, you and all you dumb hicks in Mafia, like Joe Manchin, are F-U-C-K-E-D.
And we're all sure you know who that is.

Tom Grady said...

The folks in the greyhound racing and puppy mill industries are trying to defend the indefensible.
So what do they do? They choose the most unrealistic path to defend these industries.
They take the most obvious evils and twist them around as if these evils just don't exist.
Examples - The puppy mill operators claim to love their dogs and the greyhound racers say cramming dogs into cages for 22 hours a day is best way to house dogs, as if the dogs love it.
It's like arguing with a 4-year-old - "No Uncle Billy, 4 plus 4 is 87. I say it's 87 so it just is."