Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When Fox Gives You Crazy, Make Crazyade

We're coming to you today from the Helpful Suggestions Department here in the marbled halls of IM Central. HS Dept. is a division of the Too Much Time On Our Hands Corporation in partnership with Just Smile and Nod, Inc.

It has come to our attention that Counselor, Doctor, ReMax Agent Orly Taitz has been fined $20,00 for, well, being crazy in public.

This got us to thinking. What if we fined everyone engaged in flinging wack-doodle at the professional level. For example: When Rush Limbaugh says Obama has yet to prove he's a citizen, $20, 000. When Glen Beck gets so crazy even Bill O'Reilly is creeped out, $20,000. OK, $40,000. When Sean Hannity goes all Fair and Balanced on America's Buttocks, $20,000.

The money could be put into a fund to help people facing foreclosure, or with medical emergencies or something like that. We're thinking that just in the space of one sweeps period, these three could generate enough in fines to pull the housing market out of its slump, and we're not even counting the B level cement heads like Michael Savage, or Deb Schlussel.

America has overlooked this vast natural resource for far too long. Tapping the financial potential of home grown idiots won't make us any less dependent on foreign oil (you though we were going to go with the gasbag joke didn't you?) but American crazy is a totally renewable resource, psychotic, unbalanced and 100% red white and blue!

Michelle Malkin. Uncle Sam Wants You (to unleash your inner demons)

Interpretive dance counts too.


Anonymous said...

We are all waiting for not only Rush to come clean with his "taxes" but with all his "drugs".
Meanwhile, Gore Vidal should have a "sit-down" with both.
Gore wound not only set Rush straight about all the Republican "hate" he would let Savage know that it's alright to have sex with a guy or a female, whatever he so chooses.
Unfortunately, Savage would be overwhelmed after one sentence from Gore. Maybe because of free choice.
Rush? Just too much hate there to even cope.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

When I see that name, I always go straight to Oily Taint.