Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Palin Unveils New Campaign Strategy

Hey guess what? Not only do people with IQ's above that of whole wheat flour dislike republicans, the republicans don't even like each other. A while back we told you about the republican effort to recast itself as the party of not crazy people by reorganizing all the crazy people into different groups. Sort of a musical chairs of craziness except with a whole lot of extra chairs because it appears that those lacking the need of prescriptions for psychopharmaceuticals are not that interested in becoming members of a political party whose leading intellectual thinkers are Joe the (not) Plumber, Michele Bachmann and Rush Limbaugh.

Go figure.

Well, OK, so the remaining party leaders gathered in their cardboard fort out by the railroad tracks, exchanged secret handshakes, hung the "No girls" sign on the door and preceded to have their meeting. During the secret planning session on ways to draw mustaches on pictures of President Obama, Mitt Romney cracked the boys up with his Sarah Palin has cooties routine.

Now, normally this wouldn't be cause for comment because everybody knows Mitt Romney has cooties times infinity and is an ugly poopyhead besides. However, Sarah Palin is no ordinary republican and far from being content to remind Romney who was the vice presidential nominee of that old guy who kept her out of the White House, or whatever house the Vice President lives in, and who was the loser who couldn't even buy a couple of primaries with all the money he made selling holy underwear, she decided to raise the stakes in this little dysfunctional family feud and go public with her disdain for Mitt the animal lover:

Now, we're not certain, but we think Palin just threatened to shoot Romney. Oh sure she's sitting there next to a stuffed bear, but that may be just to throw off the authorities.

Hey, where is John McCain anyway?

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Seeing Eye Chick said...

I am confused. Which hairy fat creature is Sarah? And how come the Bear wasn't wearing lipstick?

You know the difference between a hockeymom and a bear right?

The hockeymom doesnt hibernate.