Monday, May 11, 2009

I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing

Hey, guess what we just found out. Dick Cheney's not in jail. How about that? And apparently he's not even on the lam because he was on the tee vee this weekend talking about how he was all griped out about the black guy.

Barack Obama?

No, the other black guy.

Michael Steele?

No, the one with a brain.

Colin Powell?

Right. Check it:

Oh, and we're all gonna die.


Seeing Eye Chick said...

That old Chestnut never gets old.

BTW--You are all gonna die!

Wow, he should really get a job with Dionne Warwick.

You know that's like sexy-talk to true believers in the apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it. When you gotta use the Miss California pageant to scream no gays, no stem cell research, no owning your own body for reproduction, and have gold (probably hollow) crosses stretched across your neck flaunting semi-nude "teasers", Republicans, everywhere are in really bad shape. Forget the old liars and sick(Cheney), or the morbidly obese and druggies( Rush) and don't even mention shopaholic Palin and her sex kitten kid. Steele is just one more stupid "pussy" ready to claw for power with no brains attached. And their list goes on forever. Please "God", forgive them for they know not what they do. (And then, some.)