Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Things To Do today

Holy street surfing Jebus on an Alien Workshop Spectrum Silver!!! eleventy!!1! We have never seen that many people lined up at our local polling place. And most of them were sober too!!

We should point out that IM Central is located in a rather rural portion of our state and it isn't unusual for us to show up to vote only to be greeted by Lester the local drunk who lives in back of the hall and Newlie, Tigger and Scat the three cats owned by the township clerk.

But today the line was out the door, across the parking lot and down to the street. Lester thought there was some sort of party going on and he was working the line for cash to make a liquor store run. We were tempted but demurred, having stashed election night levels of Stoli in the freezer before leaving home.

So, we have dome our patriotic duty today, and as the boss is not in the office plan to do nothing else. We invite you to do the same, starting with that voting thing. Need some motivation:

Update: Obama wins Dixville Notch NH 15 to 6. Roll on sweet chocolate thunder, roll on.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully , this time, all the Latinos will get it right ,down here. (Guess it takes a different generation and a couple of hundred thousand jobless, zillions of foreclosures not to mention, Castro practically dead. Immigration anybody?)
As Warren Buffet and Colin Powell do say, Obama is the man of the day and if we blow it this time, by stupidities, greed, race or God forbid, the chads, I vote Japan. At least they have "Canary Day" and they get the day off to stand in line.
Obama...if you win, please send Palin back to school. 2012 will be incredibly more embarassing unless you train her now. We have had enough of Republican humiliations to last a lifetime....not to mention international shame.