Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Our old daddy taught us that it's just as important to be a good winner as a good loser, so we would like to say to those of you who voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin because you were afraid of the terrorists, afraid of taxes and community organizers, afraid of illegal immigrants in your back yard, socialists dating your daughter, gay people pouncing on you unawares, and just generally afraid of anyone with a different hue, don't worry.

We will protect you.

You may return to your gated communities, your megachurches and your exclusive clubs where you can watch your Fox News on the tee vee and listen to your Rush Limbaugh on the radio. You can go back to speaking to each other in tongues, shooting your guns, complaining about Hollywood, looking for communists at the local PTA, blaming the Jews, visiting creation museums, trying to ban books and just generally being resentful of whatever, or whomever you choose.

We'll take it from here.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You said a bundle!

Anonymous said...

Europe and perhaps the World, will finally be on our side. What greater peace than that?
The economy can only perform better when there is more regulation, less greed and absolute transparency.
Education will be back on the table in forms of student loans and student exchanges where volunteering can help pay back your bills and global access will be far more welcoming with a nation more able to trust.
And hence, science, math, and arts and every subject imaginable, will be pushed to its outer limits and where once again, we can travel to the Moon, just being in our own backyard.
This is just the beginning. Never again, let it all end.

Michelle Young Cuenant

Anonymous said...

Obama is already on it! He wants Emanuel for Chief of Staff and Robert Kennedy Jr. to head up Environmental...he is running things better than eight years of Bush in the White House and he has yet to sleep a wink in its bed!
Jigs in the streets and weeping on knees in Grant Park are the most memorable happenings and momentous events since JFK!
There is a beautiful wind blowing and the air finally smells fresh and clean!
What a shame neither Grandmother nor Mother saw such a magnificent son as President.
The World got a gift today and luckily it was received by the USA.

James said...

Well said.