Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Hound Blogging

So, you think McCain and Palin are depressed today? Ha. Try being George Carney.

No more greyhound racing in Massachusetts. Voters Tuesday approved a ban on greyhound racing in the state -- eight years after a similar ballot question was defeated. The state's two greyhound tracks will now have to end dog racing by January 1 of 2010.The ban was approved with about 56 percent of the vote, to 44 percent opposed. "OK all you do gooders," Carney said. "You gonna pay my bills now? What am I supposed to do? I got no skills."

Turns out Mr. Carney isn't the only one concerned.

“I am very disappointed at how this turned out. It disturbs me,” said Fire Chief James T. Januse. “That dog track put a lot of kids through school and college. And a lot of them went to college and still went back to work there.

When asked why someone with a college education would work at a dog track Januse said," I didn't say they graduated. I just said they went there for a week or two."

The chief said he expects budget cuts when the ban goes into effect. “The town will lose about $400,000 in revenue, which is huge in a town this size,” he said. "And you know, once the track closes there isn't going to be another development there or anything. No other businesses will take advantage of the location or the market around here because once it's a dog track it can't be anything else. Just ask the people in Delvan."

“People in Raynham are going to find their taxes increased. They are losing a source of revenue, and it will never come back, just like in Kaukauna." Ronnie Zusman 20-year Raynham resident said.

Well, if worse comes to worst you can always move to Tucson. Oops. Guess not.

South Tucson voters approved an initiative Tuesday night to regulate the care and handling of dogs. South Tucson voters backed the Tucson Dog Protection Initiative 402 to 373. The initiative applies to all dogs, but targets those at Tucson Greyhound Park. "How are we supposed to make a living if we have to spend money on the dogs," said one track representative who asked not to be identified.

Hmmm...seems your elections were about hope too, huh Remy?

Remy is affectionate and loving. He follows you around and puts his head on your lap. Remy needs a family that has someone that is at home most of the day and he would do best with another dog in the home. He would do well with well-mannered children, 10 and up. He can be vocal when left alone, so would do best in a single family home. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Grey 2K and Christine Dorchak for many years of a determined, passionate cause.
What the "Janet Pflugs" of Greyhound Racing do not know, is that the breeders and owners have made "a killing" literally, and all the residents see is something pass outside their windows. They smell the easy money with no need to see the carefree attitude to inflict pain. If these "employees" had a year's notice to retrain and retool themselves, why didn't they? There are millions of lost jobs this year alone, with absolutely no warnings at all, and people with a mind and true work ethic improve themselves during these bad times and even stoop to lower jobs while in the midst of achieving it.
If one has little feelings for animals without a voice, I have absolutely none for those blowing off their pie-holes and condemning a progressive civilization trying to make amends. You can count on future generations avoiding your town and others like them, just as was the occasion for the elections on Tuesday. It's a new world out there, and Americans have shown they have grown up and gotten rid of the bad history. Now is the time for healthy atmospheres of animals, too....and with Obama's understanding to "rescue", only fools do not set free. And fools are the ones that ultimately do pay.

Anonymous said...

What does it take to get this pathetic excuse for employment off the table? If it took that long for Massachusetts to wake up, how much longer will it take for Florida, Alabama and all the others?
Does the taxpayer not have a choice in what it subsidizes? If so, this can surely be copied elsewhere, and hopefully, in half the time.
The thousands of dogs that will continually be bred until this ignorant and cruel "business" is extinguished, is further proof that those that run these "warehouses couldn't care less.
Art Carney is the face of old and tired and stubborn and indifferent and anything for a buck despite the pain. Can you imagine the poor Greyhounds looking, daily , at that? Can you imagine wanting a job reinforcing it?

Anonymous said...

Supposedly ,there are eleven states still permitting Greyhound Racing. What makes these states so different and so favored for backward attractions that the other states refused to participate and partake of these" games"?
Personally, it sounds like the "shows" have clearly made money in long ago days and the participants refuse to see the new era.
Now that the economy has been devastated for at least a year, and all intelligent minds agree possibly another four, what ill-educated boors could even dream excess cash for throw-away antics when food is barely put on tables, adding foreclosures, and unemployment is at a 6.5% high?
All these race-grounds will likely be developed, particularly with the influx and granting of immigration.
Art Carney plays a great sobbing Irish violin but his music will dance him to the bank , again, for more.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be lovely if the Obama Family chose a Rescue Greyhound as their dander is not plentiful and their shedding practically zero?
What a better canine could they possibly have than one originating from the sands of Africa and also one presently persecuted in the modern world?
To have this breed at the White House would be such a help in opening the minds and souls about these sensitive creatures where thousands wait at Rescues for a home. They are so loyal and so receptive and so grateful, compared to Barney, it 's "the change we need."

Michelle Young Cuenant said...

Let's petition! Everyone sign on to a "Greyhound Rescue" for Obama....Ironicus Maximus can endorse and spread the word throughout Greyhound Protection League. Let's act FAST!


Anonymous said...

Ironicus Maximus:
Here's who I would contact to push for more education and more help in bringing attention to people against Greyhound Racing and why, particulalrly since many tracks will be closing. The following might assist in getting the word out not only to "President Obama" but for those people looking for a Rescue Dog around Christmas and in the New Year.
1. Blitz all the Greyhound Rescues in USA
2. Call on Grey2k
3. Contact Susan Netboy in charge of publicity.
4. Get a hold of Pat Getz.
5. Try to round up Judy Paulson
6. Mention your cause to Christine Dorchak.
It might also make a Prisoner's Dog smile.

Anonymous said...

Where are all these Greyhounds going to go with the economy so bad and tracks going under?
Why are these people allowed to overbreed when no homes can be found and most end up dead?