Thursday, November 20, 2008

For In The Way You Judge, You Will Be Judged*

Excuse us, could you explain again how religion makes us all better people:

Here's what the head shill at the "Spirit Center" had to say:

"The main point of the marque is to cause the christians to understand he is not a christian. Again, they would call me and they would tell me he is not a Muslim because he is a christian. That's not the point, the point is he's not a christian."



*Matthew 7:2
**Luke 6:36

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Anonymous said...

Incredible that an entire country stinking in corruption by "extreme right christians", has finally, "seen the light", if only in monetary terms for them, and voted Obama.
What it comes down to is the imbecilic who can neither read nor write, be it Kansas( where his mother and grandmother were raised) or in beauteous S.C. where the slave trade had a ball.
When the World finally embraces not only an American, but a black President, it's time to go just a little higher than "the terrorists" who call him "House Negro".