Monday, November 12, 2007

It's Not Murder, It's High Velocity Debate

See, here's the problem with politics in this country: It's basically a seventh grade popularity contest in which no one talks about the issues that concern adults and the media encourages them by being uncomfortably concerned with cleavage and haircuts.

So what happens when someone finally comes along and tries to bring the debate around to issues of the day? What happens when someone attempts to put his or her position out there for the public? Well, that person gets shut down by the man.

A federal judge ordered an anti-abortion activist to remove Web site postings that authorities said exhorted readers to kill an abortion provider by shooting her in the head. "But I meant it in a good way," said John Dunkle, who owns the web page.

Tell it brother. Speak truth to power.

The injunction, sought by prosecutors, also bans him from publishing similar messages containing names, addresses or photographs of health clinic staff members. "I think my rights are being violated," Dunkle said. "I mean, where does it say you can't try and get someone killed? Isn't there something in the Constitution about it? The Burr/Hamilton amendment?"

Which one of those was the pro life guy?

Prosecutors said one posting targeted a former clinician for the Philadelphia Women's Center, and that she later stopped providing reproductive health services because she feared for her life. "Oh, so she thinks just because I put her contact information up on my anti-abortion site someone is going to read that and come looking for her? Boy, she must have a pretty low opinion of the pro-life movement. "

Right on. Any group will have a few whackos in it, but you folks haven't killed anybody in at least a couple of years.

Dunkle said that the postings had been removed."They're down now. I won't put up language that (the judge) has told me not to put up."

One posting, which featured the provider's name, photo and address, stated that "while it does not sound good to say go shoot her between the eyes, it sounds even worse to say let her alone."

"I was just thinking with the holidays coming up she might like some company," Dunkle said.

Right. Can you see now how the system makes criminals out of honest, upstanding citizens?

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