Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Let's Get Ready To Stummmmmmble!!

Somewhere we read that MSM, or Em Ess Em stood for main Stream Media, as in those folks who went to journalism school, or maybe truck driving school we're not sure. Apparently though, it stands for Many Stupid Mistakes. We thought "journalists" were supposed to get some sort of training so they could go out and carry on in the great traditions of H. L. Mencken, Ernie Pyle, Edward R. Murrow by researching, interviewing and writing stories that shed light on the inner workings of government at the highest level; informed the masses so they were critical and wise voters; and helped ensure that our democracy thrived. That's apparently hard to do when you're dumber than Forest Gump's laundry basket.

CNN interviewed John Cena and several other wrestlers and WWE employees for a piece called "Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling."

OK, leaving aside for a moment that this "documentary" should have been done by Fox News--you know, a fake news organization interviewing fake wrestlers--what the heck was CNN hoping to find? A match that wasn't fixed?

During Cena's interview, a reporter asked him if he had ever used steroids. The part of Cena's answer that aired seemed to be evasive.

The part that aired? Uh oh, this can't be good.

But Cena's full answer to the steroid question began with "Absolutely not," according to footage of the interview released by the WWE on its Web site. The WWE has both the edited and unedited clips on its Web site, while the footage appears to be gone from CNN's Web site.

Dang! Outsmarted by professional wrestlers. Where's all that Columbia School of Journalism Honor Roll stuff now pencil necks?

The WWE released a statement slamming CNN's credibility in which most of the words were spelled correctly and there were only three grammatical errors.

Yipes. The Undertaker is coming for you Dobbs!

CNN. Guys. Look, if you can't handle Snitsky how you going to handle important stories like missing white women and John Edwards' haircuts?

We're very disappointed. By the way, did you get CM Punk's autograph?

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