Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Turning In The Homework. Late Again

Every once in a while we are struck with the urge to clean out this blog. You'd be surprised what collects at the bottom. Or frightened. Anyway usually enough time has passed that we've forgotten about the little "Blogs that link here" sign so we click on it and it takes us to a page that purportedly lists blogs that link to us.

Yeah. We don't really believe that either, but there's no accounting for taste so stick with us here. Yesterday while clicking through these alledged links we came upon this. Now, our first thought was songs that make us cry? No way. We're up to a 9 on the manly scale of absolute gender and we're not about to risk incurring the General's ire by appearing French.

But then we thought, well, we don't actually have that many blog friends, James and George being the only two who might (with the proper remuneration) consent to being seen in public with us, so maybe a little tiny crack in our finely chisled (you have no idea how many levels of meaning) "Spartan" visage wouldn't cause a catastrophic drop in our testosterone levels, so here goes.

First we always cry when Michael Bolton sings, but that's just because it hurts our ears. Kevin Federline also makes us cry when he sings (shouts) but we don't think that's what George was going for when he started this.

Now, we have to say that Jimi Hendrix's version of All Along The Watchtower doesn't really make us cry, but it does put us in a particular mood everytime we hear it. There's something about the haunting quality of his voice, the story of the song and the way the music supports it all that takes us someplace else, perhaps to that castle wall with the princess.

We would be remiss, given our generation, if we didn't mention Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven and Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles both songs capable of taking us from wherever we are to another time and place. Silly little songs really, but then emotion is not ruled by the intellect.

OK, so maybe we didn't do such a good job at this, but introspection and exegesis is not what this blog is all about. Sophomoronic humor and bathroom jokes are more our style. Now we understand that to continue the meme we are supposed to challenge another blogger to pick up where we leave off. Or maybe start over would be a better request.

We've always been impressed with TBogg's knowledge of music so we'd like to know what he would do with this, but he is far too intelligent, witty and urbane to be hanging out in this neighborhood, so we're not too hopeful of finding out. We also find the Slacktivist to be very knowlegeable in this area, but again, were he to be driving by this blog, he would probably roll up the wiondows and turn the radio up very loud. Then wash his car when he got home. Such is the cross we bear.

PS: George has also started another little activity called put a caption on the Flickr which looks like it could be a lot of fun. One of these days we'll have to sober up enough to figure out how to do that.


James said...

Good ones. I forgot about Watchtower - I'm listening to it now.

George said...

First, you can't call "Stairway to Heaven" a little song, no matter what else you say about it.

Second, I really think you can strive to be moronically introspective--if I can do it it's not that hard.

Third, John Maine almost walked Chris Carpenter. I'm really distracted.

Fourth, while I participate in Random Flickr Blogging, it was the witty and wise Tom Hilton who started it all. But you're all welcome to jump in.

Ironicus Maximus said...

We actually continued to think about this, which hardly ever happens, and decided Brook Benton's Rainy Night in Georgia should be added to the list.

George has inspired us to seek the moronic level of introspection, or the Tao. Whichever.

And George, maybe you shouldn't hope so fervently your team passes on to the Series. We're waiting for ya in Dee Troit baby!