Thursday, October 05, 2006

He's A Pedophile, Not A Homo. Dobson's OK With That

OK, we're a little confused over this whole Tom Foley coochie coochie, I'm really just a helpless drunk who was made this way by my priest, say how big is your...episode. Yeah, Foley's a pervert, we get that part, but why is Denny Hastert going around telling everyone who will listen without bursting out laughing (That would be Rush--inventor of the oxycontin martini--Limbaugh) that this is a "partisan" issue.

We seem to recall that partisan issues are those in which the two sides come down along party lines. Now, Hastert is saying the democrats have made a partisan issue about the fact that the republicans knew Foley was...erm...more than willing to help pages acclimate to their new surroundings, and yet, did nothing about it. OK, if this is a partisan issue that means the Republicans are all for teaching pages we say ins and outs of government at the most personal level. We suppose the next step is adding this plank to the party platform: "Be it resolved that the Republican Party stands 100% behind the"

So if open season on the young boys is the official Republican...umm...position then the only partisan response for the democrats is to be against that. Hence our confusion because everyone knows the Clenis has infected all democrats with unbridled libidos and uncontrollable urges when it come to anything in a skirt.

Oh, wait a minute. Skirts. Boxers. We think we just answered our own question.

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