Monday, October 30, 2006

Oh Sure, You Just Go Vote. Never Mind About Our Needs

It has come to our attention that the country isn't running as efficiently as we have come to expect. And by expect we mean having an actual functioning government capable of discerning its elbow from a hole in the ground.

Now, we will be the first to admit that we weren't always the most attentive of students while inmates of the educorporate training centers, but we seem to remember something about how in a democratically structured society, if the denizens didn't agree with their overlords they could effect some sort of change in the population of the power centers.

Elections, we believe is the word we are looking for. Hence the graphic over to the right from an organization called who apparently takes this election stuff seriously.

And as if that weren't enough, it appears we have one of these elections coming up in the near future. Amazing how all that stuff just works itself out isn't it?

Anyway, what the MoveOn people seem to want is your participation in this election thingy and we're thinking the more of you that get involved, the less we'll have to do.

OK, let's be honest. If, in fact the election turns out the way these MoveOn folks seem to want it to, it could mean the death of this blog. Oh, sure president Goofy will still be around for a couple of more years, but, we ask you, where's the challenge?

Of course, there's always William Jefferson. Then there's Allan Molohan. Oh, and who could forget Cynthia McKinney? Not as exciting as Abramoff, or as crooked as Cunningham, Ney, DeLay, or as perverted as Foley, or as downright bizarre as Santorum and Schmidt, but we'll make do. OK, you go do that voting thing, don't worry about us. We'll get by.

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James said...

Of course you'll get by! Even if the Dems win all, there are still the Overlords.