Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Guess They Won't Be Needing Reference Letters

Man. It looks like it's a race between vice president Cheney and secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld to see who is the badder gansta. We were giving Cheney the inside track because, come on, all Rumsfeld did was invade a country. How can you top shooting someone in the face and then making that person apologize to you?

We thought that about wrapped it up for the V POTUS, but it looks like Rumsfeld has gone him one better. What can be worse than being dissed by your own peeps?

A former NATO commander yesterday joined six other retired generals in calling for U.S. defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld's resignation. "I believe secretary Rumsfeld couldn't plan his way out of a paper bag. Even if one end was open," General Wesley Clark told Fox News Channel.

Fox News Channel? That's cold. That's like saying dawg still live with his momma or something. Fer shizzle.
Fox News Channel is supposed to be a safe place for the homey. It's where Cheney went to answer questions about his "hunting accident" so he didn't have to answer questions about his "hunting accident."

And what about Clark joining six other generals who said Rummy is lame. How many generals are there at the Pentagon anyway?

OK, so generally we wouldn't be this concerned about the relationship between the Rumster and his posse, but we're in the wind up before the pitch to attack Iran and it seems the boys are picking up their bats and balls and going home. So who's Rummy going to get to help him spread democracy--one tactical nuclear weapon at a time?

General Clark said Rumsfeld and Cheney had pushed the nation into war with Iraq, and said the invasion "had no connection" with the war on terror. "We were all like, 'do you know what this will do to our nation and America's standing in the world?' and they were all like 'do you know what it will do for our stock options?'" Clark said.

Asked whether it was appropriate to comment on the Defense Secretary's performance while the United States is at war, General Clark replied: "How do you declare war on a dude, man? They declared war on a dude. How do we invade a dude?"

Yo yo...Rumsfeld. Don't invade Iran. Just get Cheney to invite that
Ahmadinejad dude hunting.

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