Wednesday, March 22, 2006

This Public Service Brought To You by Ironicus Maximus

OK, we've figured out the president's problem. He jokes around at a press conference when someone asks him about why he started a war that has taken over 2300 American and who knows how many Iraqi lives and he blows it. He puts Dum Rumsfailed in charge of the war and they blow it together. A hurricane destroys New Orleans, he thinks Brownie is doing a good job, but he's blowing it.

Whatever he tries to do it turns out the opposite. The man needs the Costanza maneuver.

Think about it. His name is George, right? He's failed at everything he's ever tired, right? All of his friends are as dysfunctional as he is, right. Face it folks, our president is George Costanza.

But it doesn't have to be bad. With the Costanza maneuver we can put this country back on track, win the war in Iraq and bring the soldiers home.

And here's the beauty part: The president doesn't have to do anything at all. He can keep doing every thing he has been doing, we just have to remember that whatever he says, we do the opposite.

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