Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dispatches From The Global War On Consonants

OK. Yeah. Now this is what we're talking about. We've been listening to the president's speeches on victory in Iraq and we're fired up! It's time to quit fooling around and win this thing. Let's get together people. Let's put these petty squabbles behind us and get out there and support the troops and plant the flower of democracy in the middle east. Our president put it best when he said:

Iran may pose the greatest challenge to the United States and diplomacy to thwart the Islamic nation's nuclear program must prevail to avoid confrontation.

Right on! Let's roll! Wait a minute...Iran?

In a 49-page national security report, the president reaffirmed the strike-first, or pre-emptive policy he first outlined in 2002. "Dick says it's working so well for us in Iraq that I wanted the Iranians to realize they could be next," the Bush said.

The White House released the National Security Strategy report in conjunction with a speech that Bush's national security adviser, Stephen Hadley, is delivering at the U.S. Institute of Peace. "That's right, the U.S. Institute of Peace," said White House press secretary Scott McClellan. "To quote my favorite blog, 'the ironicus can't get any more maximus.'"

"If necessary, however, under long-standing principles of self-delusion, we do not rule out the use of bluster before attacks occur," Bush told reporters. When asked where the forces for another invasion would come from, the president said he had discovered a "cheat code" that would allow him to fully power up the military "with just a few key strokes. We tested it out on SOCOM 3 and totally kicked Iran's butt."

In the report, Bush reproaches Russia and China and calls Syria a tyranny that harbors terrorists and sponsors terrorist activity. "I always knew there would be a World War III," he said. "Though I just recently realized that I'm the one who's supposed to start it."

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