Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Hound Blogging

It probably will come as little surprise to you that the overlords don't make the best business decisions. A third grade education will do that for you. Even if you stayed in the third grade until you were eighteen.

Of course it is possible that the overlords in Colorado couldn't find anyone to read the paper to them that day, so they failed to see what was going on in Wisconsin, still you would think at least a rumor would be floating around that maybe things are so great in the dynamic and exciting world of unit racing.

Pueblo Greyhound Park soon will get a new logo and marketing strategy following gambling giant BLB Inc.'s buyout of the track and five others in the state, BLB spokesman Sean Beirne said. "Even though live greyhound racing went belly up here years ago, we're hoping we can still draw the suckers with big screen TV's that show porn in between the races."

Elsewhere in the news...

Geneva Lakes Greyhound Track & Simulcast Center is in the process of being sold, general manager Milt Roth said Thursday. "We tried showing porn in between the races, but it just caused anignas and we were worried about getting sued.

Roth declined to name the buyer, saying the buyer has not determined what it will do with the track. "The buyer is exploring different possible uses for the facility," he said. "One possibility is a parking lot. There's plenty of flat space out there where the track used to be." When asked what people would park for, Roth responded that the buyer was "still working on that. Maybe if we made it free parking?"

But back to the geniuses in Colorado...

BLB is continuing to assess all of its Colorado properties but the company has already begun some upgrades at a number of the tracks, Beirne said. Southern Coloradans will soon will see stronger marketing efforts at the Pueblo park, he said. "We're thinking about offering free parking. There's plenty of room out where the track used to be."

BLB hired GA Wright, a Denver marketing firm, to develop a new logo and new marketing strategy that soon will be put into place at the Pueblo track, Beirne said. "We're thinking about a dollar sign with wings flying off into the distance."

Yeah, that sounds about right. What do you think Seth?

Kevin AKA Seth is very quiet and mellow. He chooses to spend a lot of time in his open crate. Enjoys affection, although he does not actively seek it out often. He will rest his head in your lap while you pet him. He appears to have been given furniture privileges in his prior foster home, and wants to sneak onto the bed at night. His foster home is working on this. He likes to play with toys especially the squeaky toys. He quickly removes the squeaker. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

PS: Our blog buddy James over at CM pointed us to a couple of cool dog sites. Check out Doug's great offer here, and then visit the Carnival of the Dogs (and some other critters as well).

Inspired by James' example, we sobered up long enough to read the Blogger instruction manual and added the links permanantly over on the right under the spiffy title Animal Farm. We also added a couple of our favorites that will take you to more information about the needle noses.


Anonymous said...

What a cute pup (as they all are). It's nice to see he made it out of the Overlords' grasp.

I'm glad I could inspire something, although I probably need to get around to adding those links to my own sidebar so I don't have to go a-hunting through the archives to find them all the time.

Here's the submission form for adding dogs to the carnival and also to Modulator's Friday Ark (if you haven't already found this stuff). Perhaps someone looking for a wonderful hound will stumble upon Seth...

Ironicus Maximus said...

I think we're already on board because Mr. Moderator linked to Candy last week, but I'd better run that down to be sure.