Thursday, March 09, 2006

This Is Kentucky. We Don't Put Up With No Monkey Business Mister

Ernie Fletcher is the governor of Kentucky (motto: We ain't no apes). We tell you that so if you ever bump into him you'll know not to say "pardon me" because he will.

Bada boom bam. Thanks, we're here all week.

What we really want to share with you is Governor Fletcher's response to a Kentucky Academy of Science press release that said Intelligent Design shouldn't be taught as science in schools.

We know what you're thinking. After Dover that's a no brainer. Well, speaking of no brains, check out the Governor's response.

My educational background provided me with thorough understanding of science and the theory of evolution. Our nation, however, was founded on self-evident truths.

If you can figure out why those two sentences are connected, please try contact us before your head explodes.

From my perspective, it is not a matter of faith, or religion, or theory. It is similar to basic self-evident objective truths that are the basis of knowledge. For example, 2 + 2 = 4. It disappoints and astounds me that the so-called intellectual elite are so concerned about accepting self-evident truths that nearly 90% of the population understands.

So, only 90% of the people in Kentucky know 2+2=4. The rest, apparently, went into politics.

To deny this understanding of our nation's beginning, and prevent it from being taught to American students, is to undermine the foundation of our nation.

Umm...Governor? The topic is evolution. We're pretty sure America didn't start out as a one celled organism.

Since 1970, state law specifically allows public schools to teach “creationism” in conjunction with the theory of evolution.

Yes, ah...Mr. Fletcher? Sir? Edwards v. Aguillard? Supreme Court? Law of the land? Any of this sounding familiar? Nod if you can hear us.

Although you my (sic) question the intelligence of raising this issue, the computer, which is state-of the-art, and less sophisticated in function than this writer, was built by an intelligent designer.

All right, so he has a Mac. Big deal.

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James said...

My understanding is that the US appeared whith all 50 states around 1970. There's no way a complex country with 50 semi-functioning states could have just evolved from a bunch a backward colonies. History is merely something that God created to test our faith. It's self-evident, really.