Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Too Bad Laura Forgot To Pack Her "I'm With Stupid" T Shirt

Rut Ro. Looks like there's gonna be a can of you know what opened up on Coretta Scott King. Never mind that she's dead. In fact that's the problem. If she hadn't up and died, the president would have never had to come to her funeral and get all embarrassed by folks who actually live in the real world.

Several speakers, most notably the Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery pointed out that some of the president's policies were...uh...less than visionary and had Mrs. King been there at that moment she probably would have come upside his head with a frying pan.

At that point everyone expected people masquerading as Secret Service Agents to come up on the stage and
take him away, but he got the crowd on his side with a joke. He said, "
No weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq but that there were "weapons of misdirection" employed in the United States. That really broke them up. Even Laura had to put her hankie to her face. That got her a stern look from the president.

The Reverend Lowery wasn't the only one to get in on the "Welcome to the Truth Train" theme. Former President Carter mentioned that "We only have to recall the color of the faces of those in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi -- those who were most devastated by Katrina -- to know that there are not yet equal opportunities for all Americans." At that point the president turned to one of his aides and asked if Carter was "talking about those donors we still haven't given appointments to."

Right after the funeral Kate O'Beirne, author of Women Who Won't Give Me The Time Of Day, was on Tweety's show talking about how those black folks were getting all uppity and stuff . "It doesn't matter that they were telling the truth, she said, before being overcome with an attack of the vapors. "No one should get to tell the president's anything he doesn't want to hear. It upsets him and then he has to go invade a country to calm down."

OK, OK, so the president's toadies are all upset that reality leaked into his world again. Make sure there's chocolate milk at dinner and everything will be just fine again. What we want to know is why did Hillary stand next to Bill while he spoke, but none of the other first ladies stood by their husbands?

Yeah, we know Laura was probably too drunk to stand up. Plus the last time she spoke was the time she told the stallion milking joke, but Hillary doesn't have a sense of humor, so that's not an issue with her. Very odd, unless she just didn't want to miss the opportunity to turn her back on the president engage in a little aromatherapy of her own.

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