Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hi. I'm Bob Woodward And I Need attention

Oh come on now. Are you really that surprised that Bob Woodward is caught up in the Plamegate brouhaha? Get real. The guy's nose is so far up Bush's butt it's tickling his glottis. He's the 24/7 "exclusive access" man, who hard hitting journalistic, investigative, fourth estate, watchdog, pension securing exposes of the mind of GWB (Yeah. We know. Should be a short story,or maybe a haiku).

I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's defense against charges he lied to investigators and a grand jury in the CIA leak investigation got some potential help Wednesday from The Washington Post's Bob Woodward, former prosecutors say. "This is just too perfect," said Aitan Goelman, an attorney at the law firm Zuckerman Spaeder. "And right after Bob bought that new Mercedes Benz too. What a coincidence."

Libby's lawyers will use the Woodward revelations to raise doubt about the thoroughness of special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's 2-year-old investigation. "Come on. It's not like Bobby was in the witness protection plan," said Libby attorney Ted Wells. "Everybody knows nothing happens in this town without the Bobster being in on it. He's been on Oprah for Chrissakes."

Libby's lawyers could use Woodward's account to bolster Libby's argument that he wasn't deliberately trying to mislead investigators or the grand jury when he testified that he thought he learned about Plame from NBC's Tim Russert in July 2003. "Russert? You mean old Charlie Brown head?" said an assistant to Libby. "Yeah. He's the first one to learn about stuff like this. And I'm the Queen of England."

Libby's lawyers left little doubt that he considers Woodward's story to be helpful."Woodward's disclosures are a bombshell," Wells said in an e-mail news release. "Hopefully as more information is obtained from reporters ... the real facts will come out. Oh wait. Getting facts for reporters? Never mind. I mean maybe we can muddy up this thing so much the judge won't know the players from a hole in the ground."

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