Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Didn't Jesus Say Something About Casting Satan Into A Sewage Pond?

Well, it looks like the state is out to persecute good Christian men and women who are only trying to save children's immortal souls from the fires of perdition, or worse, Democrats.

Meet Herman Fountain Jr. who, when he's not consulting with plumbers about the sanitation...well, lack of sanitation at his school, is busy negotiating with the state (and we feel obligated to point out that state is Mississippi by the way) to keep his "strong but loving discipline coupled with academic excellence and a genuine spiritual experience" bringing life changes to wayward teens.

And how does he bring about these life changes? Well, not by making student swim in a sewage pond. Not by sitting on their heads and beating their legs with a mop handle. Not by throwing tables and chairs at them. And not by making them listen to preaching tapes for hours. And how do we know? Because he tells us so on the web page that explains how he doesn't. And don't give us any of the Methinks he doth protest too much crap either.

Can this good man be blamed for loving children too much? It seems so. Since 1988 he's been opening these life preservers for children and the state has been closing them down just as fast. We're up to five now, but who's counting.

How can a school with a discipline code that utilizes the military discipline format simply because it teaches conformity to authority, structure and submission be targeted for this level of interference? Got to be homos in there someplace, or worse Democrats.

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