Monday, January 31, 2005

Come To Think Of It, Porky Pig Talks With A Lisp

We're not sure, but we think we've spotted a trend. It seems that in this age of unrest, revolution and conflict abroad, and cultural controversy, economic distress and no hockey season at home, our government has chosen to protect us from ......cartoons.

We wrote before about the call to action against Spongebob Squarepants and his homo handlers, and yesterday we learned that another nefarious attempt has been made to turn the country into a hotbed of fashion experts and interior decorators. We speak of the subtle machinations of one Buster the Rabbit who has been keeping company with a couple of lesbians.

Fortunately, our sharp eyed Secretary of Education designate Margaret Spelling spotted the miscreant rabbit about his despicable deeds and fired off a letter to homo headquarters. Caught with down, the limp wristed liberals had no choice but to back off, thus making the air waves flagrantly heterosexual again and safe for our children to watch Channel One.

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