Monday, January 17, 2005

What did you learn in school today, Sally?

January 17
The way we remember career day back in school, we'd get a cop and a fireman and maybe doctor and that was about it. Well, one time we got the Mayor, but that was a community service thing, so it really didn't count. These guys would come in (and yes, they were always guys) a tell us what a wonderful job they had and how we all had to stay in school and do what our teachers told us and we could grow up to be just like them, fat, balding, hypertensive and divorced.

Boy! or maybe Girl! is a better expletive, the times have changed, at least at Palo Alto Middle School where the students were recently treated to a visit by Bill Fried who told them (well the female students anyway) they could make up to $250,000 a year as strippers and that for every two inches they added to their busts, their income would go up $50,000. Gives a whole new range of meanings to asset appreciation doesn't it?

Principal Joe DiSalvo said he "may" consider having Mr. Fried back next year. Ok, but in the interest of gender equity, where's the Chippendale's spokesperson?

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