Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We Must Have Missed The Story About Justice Scalia's Head Exploding

Hey, the Supreme Court said Obama could continue to turn this country into a socialist dystopia complete with gay married judges invoking Sharia law by sending old people off to death camps. Or as the lame stream media likes to call it Obamacare. That slipped by us, out roaming the countryside as we were where the deer and the antelope play and the skies are not cloudy all day except from Calgary to Medicine Hat (motorcycling tip: Don't ride in hail storms).

Anyway, now that the Supreme Court has capitulated to Muslim extremism our only hope to avoid keeping almost 50 million people from getting health insurance is The House of Representatives, lead by the honorable John Boehner, or as his colleagues call him, The Orange Doofus.

Despite an inadequate sum of votes in the Senate to repeal it, House Speaker John Boehner said voting for repeal in the aftermath of the court's decision will only act to strengthen his party's resolve. "We can't have health care going out to every Tom Dick and Harriet in America," Boehner said. "There are almost nine million uninsured children in this country. Isn't it obvious we already have the best health care system in the world?"

Now, rank and file Republicans are lining up behind the speaker to show some backbone. "I don't think it's symbolic," Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., told ABC Monday evening. "Now that we know that the truth is out there that this is a tax, we need to be able to let the American people know where we stand. We didn't know it was a tax before. Well, we did, but it was more fun calling it socialism. We're serious now."

Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., urged Democrats to stay on offense and trumpet the benefits of the law that are already being realized by voters, unlike the defensive posture congressional Democrats took in the 2010 midterm election."We're not going to be defensive or apologetic," Grijalva, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, declared."Well, except when we're being defensive or apologetic because, you know, we're Democrats and that's what we do."

Rep. Rosa DeLauro, who played a chief role in passing the bill, said the GOP's attempt to repeal the law is not just about politics, but also what would be taken away from Americans already enjoying assistance mandated by law.

"Taking stuff away from people is what republicans are all about," Boehner countered. "Why do you think we're against Medicare, Social Security, Public Schools, voting. All that stuff."

"If you've got orders to take a hill, you're going to keep going until you take the hill," West, R-Fla., explained. "The American people don't want this Patient Protection Affordable Care Act. It's heinous, it's onerous. And we've got to hurry because support for the law is increasing. Once people figure out it's better, we'll be sunk and it's social security all over again. Is that the America you want to live in?"

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