Monday, July 16, 2012

His Accompaniment Was The Band From The Titanic

So most everyone has seen the ad where Mitt Romney sings and loses the support of the people who can carry a tune in a bushel basket demographic (also the hearing impaired community because apparently he sang so badly even lip readers ran from their televisions). Then the topper, along comes mean old Mr. Obama and decides to have a little fun at the Mittbot's expense: 

 OK so Mitt would have been better off if he had hired someone to sing for him like his wife hired someone to ride her horse for her, but this affront to the melody impaired cannot be allowed to stand so campaign Moneybuckets fired back:

Now, if you watched both videos and you're like us you're thinking Mitty boy, you do not want to get into a sing off with Obama, but then you realize it's a choice between OK so I can't sing as well as the president, and  which one of us is the liar and possible felon, and you can see why the musical route was more appealing.

We're thinking debates set up like American Idol.

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