Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Hound Blogging

Frequent readers of this blog know that reality is the tiger that lurks in the bushes trying to convince you it is just a harmless house cat...erm...we mean know the name Gary Guccione, designated Word Monger for the overlords. By dint of the fact that he has not only a Word-A-Day calendar, but a thesaurus as well, he's been the go to guy for the rest of the overlords whenever the truth gets out...uh...we mean whenever animal rights wackos distort and misrepresent the deep respect, admiration and affection the overlords have for their units...ah...dogs.

And so, when well known animal rights wacko Eric Jackson had the unmitigated audacity to suggest that greyhounds being injured and killed, tracks closing and state legislatures casting the overlords to the free market winds might be indicative that all is not well in the exciting family fun sport of greyhound racing, the call went out once again to Mr. G, his calendar of power and the thesaurus of doom.
Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that greyhounds must be well cared for in order to perform at their best. Greyhound racing has rigorous programs in place to ensure that these amazing dogs receive the high quality care they deserve.
 Well, as long as they keep winning that is. After's just say greyhounds' retirement plan is not the most comprehensive in the world, but come on Mr. G, you've been beating this particular drum for a good many years now and it's no more true now than it was then. It's what we in the industry call a canard. A tired old canard. How about some new stuff?
The rules also require that greyhounds be fed health, nutritious food, including meat that is inappropriate for human consumption but perfectly safe for consumption by animals.
Right. That's why dogs are so extensively used as animal models for humans in orthopedic, anatomical and digestive studies. As Dr. Cook (DVM, PhD) says,  "Finally, the canine digestive system is similar to the human (monogastric)..." Another tired old canard G. We're beginning to think you're just phoning it in.
It should be noted that the organization, Grey2K, does not operate an adoption program, and makes no direct contribution to the adoption effort. Instead, it lobbies and conducts political campaigns to abolish greyhound racing completely.
Oh. OK, let's see it we've got this. Because Grey2K is an advocacy group, greyhounds are well cared for. That about cover it? Well, at least it's not a canard. More of a non sequitur, but at least you're not being redundant. This shouldn't be so hard though, G. We mean defending greyhound racing, you should be able to write pages about that, there's so much to brag about, right greyhound trainer John Gammon?
“Everything’s hard in the game these days, decent dogs are harder to come by and you can’t win money like you once could..." When such a long established trainer as Gammon calls it a day it is yet another painful reminder of how difficult this business of greyhound racing has become. More will follow the Gammon route and until such time as promoters reward trainers with worthwhile contracts the trainer drain will continue and no doubt escalate.
Whoa. Come on John, it's not that bad is it? Help us out here GOBATA chairman, Martin White.
“John Gammon is one of the most respected trainers in the sport and without wishing to single him out this is becoming a step too far, the industry is collapsing like a deck of cards.“
Aw, you guys are as bad as the animal rights wackos at Grey2K. You got any proof for all this gloom and doom? 
Oxford Stadium in Blackbird Leys could be demolished to make way for new homes and flats. A public consultation is to be held next week on plans for 150 houses and 75 flats at the greyhound stadium site.
Oh sure, go all the way to England to find out something bad about greyhound racing. What's the matter, the good old USA not fitting into your prejudice?
 In 1944, greyhound races were added, making the racetrack one of the oldest continuous running racing facilities in the United States for horses and greyhounds. That was before 2008. For over 105 years, the track had survived, World War I, the Great Depression and World War II. What it couldn’t overcome was politics. Friday, the Anthony Fair Association is auctioning off everything to make room for the oil boom in Harper County. Horse barns, starting gates, the greyhound track, fences and the 108–year-old grandstand: everything that can be carried off and some that can’t will be auctioned off. The new owners of the land are going to rent the main office to an oil company and build housing for the workers on the oil fields and wind farms.
OK that could be a problem, but on the bright side it does explain why Guccione is republishing the same letter over and over, right Astar?

Astar is very laid back and friendly. He loves attention and petting. He loves everyone he meets. He is not sure what to do with toys yet. He does well in the crate and has learned the stairs. He walks very well on the leash. He gets along well with the Italian Greyhound that also lives in the home. He would do well in a home with older well-behaved children. He would be fine with other dogs in the home or as an only dog. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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Interesting post, Fred. You really should have someone proofread your work before you post it. Embarrassing.