Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mr. President? A Word, Please

Mr. President?

Now that you have decided you want to be president again, we were hoping you could clear up a couple of things for us.

First of all, as we suppose you are aware, America is at the deep end of the deep doo doo pile and with our political infrastructure crumbling down around us in scattered piles of corporate sponsored detritus, it may be that no one could get us out of this mess.

But that being said, we wonder if you could explain some stuff to us, now that you're going into candidate mode and all. First of all, the deficit. You accepted the republican premise that the debate on the deficit was actually about the deficit when even a blind man who just spent the evening discussing economic policy with Johnnie Walker could see it was really about keeping some poor woman in Cincinnati from getting access to health care unless it contributed to the bottom line of some insurance company somewhere, and keeping Big Bird from filling the minds of impressionable children with socialistic ideas about sharing, community and the value of diversity. That is what the republicans were willing to shut down the entire Federal government to accomplish, even if it meant the troops in the field would have to buy their own bullets.

At a time when unemployment is 9.2% (and that doesn't even count the people who've just given up) and the foreclosure crisis is ramping up you decide to engage the republicans on how best to cut the two most important and needed social safety nets we have: Social Security and Medicare because, well, because republicans said so, all the while ignoring the 698 billion pound gorilla in the room, defense spending. And seriously, Mr. President, you're starting with Simpson-Bowles? Simpson-Bowels? Even Simpson-Bowles couldn't agree on Simpson-Bowles.

Your administration either passively condones, or actively supports the torture of Bradley Manning whose greatest crime so far has been to embarrass a bunch of diplomats, while Wall Street bankers who did serious harm to the country and disrupted the lives of millions of families still sit in their Walnut paneled offices on  leather chairs stuffed with bonus money when they should be in jail. And your Justice Department makes hardly a peep.

You bomb Libya to prevent an atrocity, but ignore the atrocities being committed in Bahrain.

You signed the Affordable Health Care Act which is so riddled with caveats and legalese it makes the Tax Code look positively transparent by comparison, and the bulk of it doesn't even go into effect until after Sasha and Malia have received post graduate degrees.

You continue to fight a war that is so stupid even the Russians gave up on it and went home thirty years ago.

Well, like we said, even if we actually had political leadership that was concerned with the future of this country, a citizenry that was capable of recognizing their own best interests, and corporations that saw something other than their own best interests, it might be too little too late, but still we can't help but wonder, since you've put yourself out there again, what, exactly, would be the point of electing you again?

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scripto said...


I wanted Medicare for all. I got removal of my lifetime cap on care, no refusal of benefits for preexisting conditions, my flu shots, cancer screens, etc not subject to a deductible and my kids can stay on my policy for a while.

I wanted the big banks broken up and somebody to go to jail. I got a weak package of regulatory reform and a consumer protection law.

The stimulus bill kept our business from going under. My friends got extended unemployment benefits and subsidized health care while they were laid off. My 401K is no longer terminal. Troops are leaving Iraq. Obama is wrong about Afghanistan and probably wrong about nuclear power but I backed those positions when I voted for him.
All in all, not too bad a record. I'm not sure more could have been accomplished. I'll vote for him again.